Bill O'Reilly Rips Into Sean Penn

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Remember when Bill O'Reilly ignited a feud with Jessica Alba? That was funny.

Now, the Fox News host has singled out another actor, one that possesses a few more acting chops than Alba.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter this week, O'Reilly said he won't watch Sean Penn movies, due to the actor's political views.

"He's a great actor, and if you hire him, you'll get a good performance," O'Reilly said. "I'm just not going to give a guy who gives aid and comfort to people like [Iran president Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein, when he was alive, my 10 bucks. That's my right as an American."

Are you sure, Bill? Milk was really, really good.

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Are you on Team Bill or Team Sean?


William O'Reilly is the man.....I am sick of the Hollywood left crowd and their idiotic, perverted views of how America should be......Wise up Lefties as the society as you want it is about to crumble .......


Team Bill gets my vote, don't get me wrong Sean does a great stoner but I never really dug his movies more a fan of his brothers, wait, can I vote Team Charle? Yes, there is my vote Team Charle the other two aren't worthy of my vote.


Kudos to Bill O'Reilly for calling that cretin Penn out. I wish Bill wouldn't go so easy on Comrade Penn and all his ilk.


Who really cares what Bill O'Reilly thinks, his thoughts belong in a trash can. There is plenty of room for improvement coming from this guy.

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