Best of Celebrity Lip Injections Gone Awry

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Celebs. They love their pouty, ridiculously fake and ugly lips.

Somewhere, sometime, someone told them this was the in thing. Then, like everything else, it gets overplayed and wildly out of hand in the blink of an eye.

Maybe everyone just wants to be Angelina Jolie (we know Octomom does). But perhaps they should consider adoption, not quadrupling the size of their lips.

Seriously, stars really need to cool it with the lip injections. Who thinks this looks hot? Below are some of the most glaring offenders - a number of whom you will surely recognize from our inaugural Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame class ...

Heidi Montag: 2006 vs. 2008. The Hills star's transformation from cute girl to silicone cyborg in just two years included serious lip work. It's just too bad she had her 35 procedures before she could thank Jesus on Twitter for the opportunity.

Jessica Simpson Lip Injections

Jessica Simpson: 2004 vs. 2007. Holy crap. Ummm, Jessica Simpson has looked better. That's as nicely as we can put it. This was before she got fat, too!

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

Anna Faris: 2002 vs. 2008. She's all the rage these days for some reason. Is it because she had her lips plumped? Or starred in a film about Playboy?

We're just getting started, and you ain't seen nothin' yet. The stars featured after the jump make these examples look tame. Continue reading below ...

Brittany Murphy: 2005 vs. 2008. Shady husband Simon Monjack should call her "love lips" (or just "cash cow") after all the work she had done. Gross.

Jenna Jameson: 2002 vs. 2008. The new mom had her lips enhanced ... years after most other parts of hers were worked on in an entirely different sense.

Ashlee Simpson: 2004 vs. 2007. The alleged singer's lips expanded rapidly in a three-year span. Unfortch, her talent and overall attractiveness did not.

Lisa Rinna: 1993 vs. 2009. Scary stuff. At least Lisa Rinna will admit she looks like a freak, but that shouldn't give her license to show her face ... ever.

Nikki Cox: 2004 vs. 2009. Just wow. Nikki Cox certainly has an appropriate last name, because she's got some DSL goin' nowadays if you know what we're saying. What we're saying is Jay Mohr didn't marry her for her looks or personality.


Britney murphys lips are gorgeous, I would rather have full lips, which I have than little skinny old women looking lips. Jessica Simpson isn't fat at all, what the hell? she is a good size, on her statistics it say 'slim attractively built' which isn't iron bored slim, or obese, it means curvy. Seriously who sits there and slags celebrities off! especially when they are gorgeous like Britney and Jessica anyway, haa.. :/


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@ windy, you sound retarded. i own "gia" and angelina's lips look EXACTLY the same! i also own the angelina jolie biography and it shows a bunch of pictures from her childhood and teenage years and her lips are EXACTLY the same! anybody even looking at angelina's lips can SEE that they are natural and NOT the result of plastic surgery! i get tired of insecure, fat ugly chicks making things up because they desperately want them to be true! there are also a million pictiures of angelina that you can look up right on the internet that show her as a little girl (3 or 4 years old) with the same lips!


lindsay: Angelina's lips are fake too. Look at her in "Girl, Interrupted" and then currently. Lips don't just naturally grow about ten sizes in the span of a few years. She just hides the fact that her lips are fake better than most stars.


Well I wanted my lips a little bigger from the top cause I grew up with no lip on top, you would say they look like Anna Faris in the picture, but now that I am investigating more about this and how famous chicks have theirs ... I would say now that It will be a BIG regret if I ever do this.




surgery will NEVER give people beautiful full lips like angelina, kim basinger or brigitte bardot so they need to stop trying. every single one of those celebrities look freakish and completely fake! who in their right mind cant see that these women have had work done? if they think they look pretty or sexy...they are SADLY mistaken!!!


i think your an idiot for being so judgmental about other people, how about you mind your own business most of those girls dont even look bad at all and i bet they look a whole lot better than you do, what they do is none of your concern get a life!


It appears that everyone wants full lips. Mine are full naturally, but some of these artificial ones actually look pretty good. The biggest exceptions are poor Lisa Rinna and Nikki Cox. Can anything be done for Lisa's upper lip to return it to normal? As for Nikki, her mouth was already bigger than her small eyes, and this just makes her look freakishly out of proportion. I think she should have paid more attention to her eye makeup and hairstyle. Reminds me of Katie Couric's disastrous flirtations with overstuffed lips. Whew! Sometimes Mother Nature really does know best!


ashlee simpson pic isnt that bad but the rest, wow!

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