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Fresh from filling out NCAA brackets and trying to keep the U.S. from coming apart at the seams, President Barack Obama stopped by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, the first time a sitting president has visited a late-night talk show.

While the economy was, as expected, the No. 1 topic, Barack Obama made observations a little less terrifying than America being a "culture of greed" that must change if the United States is going to pull itself out of the current financial crisis.

"In Washington, it's a little bit like American Idol except everyone is Simon Cowell," the president quipped. "Everybody's got an opinion."

Obama's visit followed the usual arc of celebrity talk show appearances: the funny thing that happened on the way to the show (the Secret Service not wanting him to walk); promoting the project (his economic agenda); and personal anecdotes.

Towards the end, the president made fun of his bowling ineptness, having posted a career-high 129 recently. "That's very good, Mr. President," Leno said sarcastically.

"It's like the Special Olympics or something," Obama replied.

Ouch, Barack. This is the sort of remark that may be commonplace in modern humor, but is something you'd want the president to say, or even think?

Check out Barack Obama's full interview on the Tonight Show below ...

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I am a Maltese-European, and like many many millions of other Europeans I wish him well and wish the American people well. Anti-Americanism died the day he became President. President Obama's strength lies in him being able to keep complicated things simple and to communicate well with ordinary people. He is like a breath of fresh air. The whole world trusts him and will be looking for him to help save them as well as to save the American people. I have no doubt that he will aim to do this. He has such world-wide support that whatever he proposes will receive universal acclaim. The world knows he will never propose anything that would do harm to anyone. The comedian who suggested a sign be put up ('Do not walk on the water') beside the fountains in the White House (aimed at everyone other than Barak) was spot-on.


well said jack. i agree.


I have a lot more respect for Special Olympians than I do for this Buffoon-in-Chief.