Audrina Patridge to Exit The Hills, Pitch Her Own Show

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While the producers of The Hills keep leaving the door open for a new season even with Lauren Conrad retiring at the end of the upcoming bonus episodes (which commence April 6), here's another indicator that the show itself may end:

Audrina Patridge is saying goodbye.

And looking to star in her own show.

The aspiring actress and her fake boobs have signed on to star in a new series from producer Mark Burnett that will focus on her personal and professional life.

"We are truly pleased to have the chance to work with Audrina," Burnett, the creator or Survivor and The Apprentice, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

"She has already proved her star quality, and we can't wait to show her fans worldwide the next stage of her life and career."

Patridge and Burnett will pitch their still-untitled show to networks next week.

Audzo tried to break away from The Hills before, but that's proven about as effective as her efforts to ditch loser boyfriend Justin-Bobby. Her first film effort, Into The Blue 2, went straight to DVD (it's due out April 21).

Lauren Conrad recently confirmed she will leave the MTV reality show after five seasons (and two seasons of Laguna Beach prior to that), saying: "I'm excited to go back to having just one life, because there were times I got them confused."

Would you watch an Audrina Patridge reality show? Leave us comments, and click to enlarge recent pics of Audrina doing her thing (going to clubs):

Audzo Photo
Audrina Looks Out
Frankie and Audrina
Audrina and Frankie
Audrina and a Pal
New Reality Star

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i love the hills so i dont think that audrina should leave end of discussion :/ sorry babeeyyy


Have you seen her in the new Divine Rights of Denim ad's... She's barely recognizable! : Audrina Patridge Ad


forget justin bobby hes in the showers tryin to clean up good ole audrina has set her sites on my favorite jenn bunney lover brody.I hope he does'nt get a role in her show if he does I will never watch mtv again when I win the lottery for 100 million I will but or make my own show and I will have jenn bunney on there myself


audrina is fantastic. she's not boring at all, they hardly looked into her life on the hills. working with epic records is kind of a big deal. I'm a fashion girl myself and audrina is the only girl on her show that wasn't afraid of lauren, shes fierce. I am totally tuning in.


Absolutely NOT...Her leaving the Hills is the best news I have heard...She is boring and I can't stand justin-Bobby


Yeah i'm not sure it would work. Every week would just be another Justin-Bobby break up or problem. Th City worked cos Whitney was starting a whole new life in a whole new city and a totally different job.


No way in hell. B-O-R-I-N-G. And ugh, no more Justin drama...please.


Of course I would, she is awesome.


I think most folks will mirror my sentiments ( in saying this is gonna be boring as hell. I can't think of anything more snoozy than Audrina doing things. Daily life things, fun things, any things. This is the first time in my life I've missed Heidi and Spencer.


She is not very intelligent, whiny and extremely boring. You must be kidding me! How about we have a reality show about the fire hydrant down the street from Lauren's old house? Would be more exciting.

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