Attorney General: Howard K. Stern "Principal Enabler" in Death of Anna Nicole Smith

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As previously reported, Howard K. Stern was arrested yesterday for conspiring to provide Anna Nicole Smith with the illegal narcotics that contributed to her death.

But it gets even worse for the former model's former lover: at a news conference today, California Attorney General Jerry Brown said Stern was "the principal enabler" of the thousands of prescription pills that led to Smith's 2007 death.

According to Brown, Stern conspired with Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich in "prescribing drugs excessively to a known addict and using false and fictitious names all in violation of the law and all in furtherance of a conspiracy."

Howard K. Stern Mug Shot
Sandeep Kapoor Mug Shot

Howard K. Stern and Dr. Sandeep Kapoor are seen here, mug shotted for all to see.

Why would Stern have gone to such dangerous lengths?

"There's a certain psychic gain here, part of the glitz the celebrity and the power," Brown said. "There's a lot of money floating around."

In related news, an investigation by The Hollywood Gossip found assbag Larry Birkhead to be the principal enabler of pimping out Dannielynn.


Facts in the state of Florida,first howard was in the middle of a felony in which it resuilted in the death of Anna.
First of all in the state of florida it is against the law to surply a person with drugs that are not in your name.Second of all he had a doctor travel across states line to deleiver those drugs in his name to Anna and lets not forget these drs travled out of the country to deleiver these drugs to him also in the name of howard right in a commission of a felony all of them should be charged not only as king pin drug dealers, but also conspirsecy to murder of son and mother.They were dealing there poison fron state to state and even went as far to leave this country to handle there business,and don't forget about the baby,he was also druging the baby Dannylyn who has a bad eye. She is a doll. So sober please save the drama for your momma because we do not want to hear it.


I guess we don't have to worry about these two becoming male models, whew, check out those mugs, yikes!


Virgie Arthur and her lawyers want to control Anna's Estate, money and child.Brown is their instrument against Howard.
Howard and Larry don't be intimidated by Virgie!
Stay strong!!

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