American Idol Showdown: Adam Lambert vs. Adam Lambert!

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On last night's Motown edition of American Idol, fans were treated to a new side of Adam Lambert.

He was the same, talented singer as always - but gone were the theatrics, the over-the-top performances and even the leather-jacketed, crazed look of a rock star.

Lambert simply chilled on a stool, hair slicked back and sang an acoustic version of "Tracks of My Tears." It was a tremendous audition.

It also got us thinking: Which of these Lambert looks do you prefer? Let's compare below:

Acoustic Adam

Which Adam Lambert style do you prefer?


Hey Terri,
I'm right there with you! I'm 61 and grandmother to Lilian Catherine. (pure star material at 4) anyway. We grew up in the greatest music era ever. The new us, the stars, music we could sing, cry with and love forever. To me, I could not believe that he didn't win. But I am very glad that ATT got in the mix. As you say, he is free to sign the best contract and not be stuck with Idol, which appears to be a Death Valley for the winners. You tagged it. God
bless Adam. And you Terri for putting it perspective away from the tweens/teeens who can speed dial faster than they can do Math or Science.


What a dumb question - "which Adam do you prefer?" DUH! Do you REALLY think that the "Acoustic Adam" was't ALSO one of his many personnae - the boy is more than versatile, he's a total chameleon - he can portray any personna he wants or needs to! Idol has never HAD such a brilliant performer on their stage - he's too good for Idol! Of course he's a shoe-in to win - but I'm actually hoping he DOESN'T WIN! Then he won't get stuck with that Idol Contract, and won't carry that Idol Stigma! He'll be free to make the best deal offered - and believe me - there will be MANY!! Adam has BEEN DISCOVERED! He's worked hard for years to become the overnight sensation he's about to become - at this point, Idol can only hold him back! As a 60 yr old grandma and DFH, I've seen it all - and been there for it all - and I can tell you - Adam is one in a billion! ROCK ON!


Adam Lambert Is the Next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!


Adam is a STAR. He is the whole package handsomely wrapped. He's got everything: the vocals, the range that is out of this world, the looks, the appeal, the moves and versatility. Matt is a great singer and piano man. He should play on his sexiness to go with his sensuality in delivery. Allison is an outstanding talent and truly rocks. Danny has great vocals but that's all I can say. Kris is a big surprise this past 2 performances. Same with Anoop. And it's why Danny has become a mediocre.
Lil has not wowed me yet and has not killed a song. I don't know what Simon said that Lil sang the blew him away before.
In all these, Adam is a stunning standout. He is just electrifying.


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