A Passionate Defense of Molly Malaney

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We call them strong
Those who can face this world alone
Who seem to get by on their own
Those who will never take the fall.

We call them weak
Who are unable to resist
The slightest chance love might exist
And for that forsake it all.

-- Garth Brooks, "Standing Outside the Fire"

Lindzi Cox on Bachelor Season Finale

Was The Bachelor finale staged?

Did Jason Mesnick always plan on choosing Molly Malaney as his wife, only to be told by ABC producers that maximum drama would be achieved if he first handed Melissa Rycroft the final rose, only to dump her on national TV for Molly?

We don't know. We'll likely never know.

But we do know this: Molly Malaney is a brave soul, one that followed her heart and is now waking up every morning next to the man she loves. How many people out there would give anything to say the same thing about themselves?

Our site has received record traffic and a record-number of comments following this week's roller coaster week of reality TV.

We appreciate it. We sincerely thank everyone that has taken the time to read the latest news on The Bachelor and share his/her opinion on such a stunning turn of events. Keep the responses coming!

Sometimes, though, members of our staff also feel the need to speak out. This is one of those times.

Go ahead and make fun of Molly's dress if you want, scoff at her behavior on the show if you wish... but many readers have referred to her as "weak" for not turning Jason down on the spot Monday night.

To paraphrase the popular country singer mentioned above: weak?!?

Is there no better example of strength than putting yourself out there, opening up, allowing your world to be shattered (in Molly's case, for the second time by the same man!) completely because something inside believes you've found your one true love?

It's easy to sit on our sofas and judge - but how many of us are doing so alone, regretting a missed opportunity where maybe, just maybe, our lives would have taken a happier, more complete turn if we'd chosen the difficult, less popular path?

That's what Molly did. Will it work out? That's not the point.

Years from now - whether she and Jason are attending Ty's college graduation together or broke up a long time ago - Molly should look back on this life-altering decision with pride. She stood firm. She followed her heart, even when every voice in her head may have been telling her not to.

We've never met Molly Malaney (and we wouldn't have worn that dress on the finale), but we admire her for taking a chance on something far more important than ratings or popularity: love.


Jason set up a Facebook page, for "good comments" to him and Molly...LOL!!! He's a jerk! I guess he doesn't want to read what the majority of people think about him, just his little "fans" on his page. What a loser! Wonder how long it will take Molly to dump him? What goes around, comes around, Jason!!


Molly face IS ugly [Igor eyes]
Her dress IS Fugly.
Nothing nice about her.
What a laugh!! you all making this article just for her...
Whatever! She wasn't his first choice. Say what you want-she wasn't!
I don't think I will read here anymore if this is the kind of crap you're giving us.
Jason is a first class pig for what he did to Mel and for Molly to take him back like that ...wth is she thinking? What's the matter, no other options for you Molly? Not surprising...


Gawd, she is SUCH a slutty PIG!!!


what is the definition of polite?..... being inconsiderate of other people's feelings. No doubt that they look great as a couple, but so insincere and heartless..and how is molly more immature than melissa? she is just as whiny and immature as the other girls on the show.C'mon!!!


I like Molly's dress. I think Jason made the right choice. It was easy to see he was in love with Molly all along. Molly is a polite, sweet young lady and I really hope it works out for them all.


Ufff what an ardent fan of Molly.Good job.Let me put few of my points
1.TRUE LOVE:first love of any human being has to be Compassion.If she didnt feel any for Mellisa .Good luck TY.
2.She has to be a mom too.Imagine the amount of cold she is .oh yeah she is gonna be a great mother
3.What a way to win back True Love Dump the person in like a moment.Make out with someone else in the next.
Well Molly when she looks back in her life she will have Mellisa's face coming back to haunt her.Common she was being dumped and she is like u R making a gr8 mistake.


Yes, she's waking up every morning to the man she loves, a lying cheating bastard! Good luck Molly! But, they deserve each other. They were e-mailing when Jason was still with Melissa....I wonder if Molly will ever wonder if Jason will follow his heart to yet another bachelorette???? HMMMMM First he breaks up with Melissa and 10 minutes later he's making out with Molly, the slut... that showed REAL character and integrity on BOTH their parts!!! What a "classy" couple!!!! Haaa, haaa, haaa!


I could not agree with you more. I am so tired of the judgemental people out there. What happened to Melissa truly stinks. She's a sweet girl and she didn't deserve it. However, if Molly and Jason's feelings are real -- and they certainly seem to be from what I see -- they should absolutely go for it and give their relationship a shot. Jason and Melissa would not have worked out anyway.


Cindi has the best opinion!! Totally agreed with Cindi comment!! Fair, precise and down to earth!!! Molly is so stunning in every which way, I couldn't help falling in love w/ her. Everytime I saw her on the show, my heart melt!!!
I'm so jealous of Jason that he's such a lucky man!!! Good luck to both of them!! If ABC will show their wedding in the near future that would be awesome!!!


molly sat there smiling and laughing on that couch knowing that jason just broke off an engagement. hello, is she that cruel or just crazy? all i can say is KARMA!

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