Who Will Jason Mesnick Choose on The Bachelor?

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Despite endearing herself to millions of viewers throughout the United States and her native Canada, lovable, laid-back Jillian Harris was eliminated last night.

After last night's episode, The Bachelor field stands at two.

Or is it three?

Could Jason Mesnick possibly end up with DeAnna Pappas after all this time?

She shattered his heart on The Bachelorette. Might he similarly crush the hopes and dreams of both Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft in The Bachelor season finale?

The previews airing after Monday's episode of The Bachelor and the previous week's show made quite clear that DeAnna is returning - maybe to beg for another shot?

Some fans believe it's just crafty editing and this outcome is unlikely, but we know DeAnna will play a role in the March 2 season-ender. The only question is what.

So who do you think will win The Bachelor? Will it be Melissa Rycroft, Molly Malaney, or DeAnna Pappas in the biggest reality TV shocker in history?

Melissa Rycroft of The Bachelor

Right hand ring finger, not index finger. The one next to the pinkie.


Spoiler, I checked my DVR for the end of the first episode, and that ring is not on the pinky, it is on the index finger. Those stubby/chubby fingers and the curly nails do seem to belong to Melissa, but they may be Deanna's????? as she does have a ring on her right index finger as well. Maybe, Jillian will come back????? She always had a ring on her right index finger.


If what the spoiler says is true, my guess is that Molly (the sleeper) is pregnant and since Jason has strong feelings toward her, he is going to do the right thing. That seems to be his personality. He said it himself, he is a nice guy, he is committed. Sorry your gone Jillian, I thought you were the best. Molly is pretty, Melissa is cute, Jillian you have class, and that never goes out of style...Spoiler, this may be why Chris Harrison said, one of them WILL become Jason's wife?????


Jason is going to pick ME!!!!!!!!!

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