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Whitney Port has posted some thoughts on Monday's episode of The City on her official blog. In "Mingling with the Commoners," plenty of tension (and more than a little class warfare) was in the air between Whitney, Olivia Palermo and Jay Lyon.

Here's what Whitney Port had to say  ...


In this week's episode of The City, we definitely had quite the range of drama. The episode began with Jay and I discussing his upcoming show over lunch.

When I mentioned that I had invited Olivia Palermo, he made a smart ass comment about roping an area off so she wouldn't have to "mingle with the commoners," (hence the title of the episode, "Mingling With The Commoners").

Erin Lucas and I met Olivia at her apartment before heading to the show.

But Olivia wasn't exactly in as big a rush as I was to get there, and by the time she was finally ready to go, Jay's band had already started playing.

Whitney Port was far from pleased with Olivia Palermo's actions.

I guess Olivia felt bad about making us late, so she got Jay Lyon a gig at a charity event she was hosting. What initially seemed like a kind gesture, however, suddenly became an awkward and uncomfortable situation when at the event, all Olivia, Nevan and friends did was make fun of Jay and his band, Tamarama.

They definitely didn't try to hide it. It's an understatement to say that Jay was more than ready to go when he finished his set!

When I arrived at work the following day, Olivia asked what I thought of the event and I immediately addressed the situation, which quickly turned into a heated argument between the two of us.

Olivia felt that Jay had been unprepared in his attire for such an upscale event and he should have done his research, while I was more concerned with the fact that she and Nevan had completely humiliated Jay's band.

Olivia abruptly ended the discussion noting that the work environment was not the time nor the place for personal matters; nothing was resolved between us.

As for dating and relationship drama in the episode, Erin was definitely the main focus last night. Her high school boyfriend, JR had come back into her life in last week's episode, and returned again last night to stir up more trouble.

Things had been going so well with Duncan, but having JR around left Erin Lucas feeling torn and confused. So that's pretty much what went down last night.

Don't forget to tune in next week to see if Olivia and I sort things out and what happens with Erin's little love triangle!


Yo why did chris hit rhianna. that"s messed up. but since he is going out with rhianna now i found out online. i think rhianna is hot and sweet i lov rhianna shes my fan and i stick up for her


Olivia is in the show for a reason! She creates drama and that is what the shows producers want, she will continue to be in the show till the bitter end. Secondly Whitney probably doesn't even write a blog, So I doubt the words above are her own. It is all clever PR to make you watch the show BRAVO MTV BRAVO. One more thing people THIS IS NOT REAL!!!!! It is TV..


Whatever. Even though Olivia is an absolute bitch, Jay's no better. He doesn't deserve Whitney, with all the mind games he plays on her and going behind her back all the time. She should have stuck with Alex the male model. He seemed 100x more gentlemanly and he was HOT(!!!!) unlike Jay who needs a good haircut and a shave.


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Is there a 'I hate Oliva Palermo and her fuggly ass lazy cousin' website yet?, Im sure it wont be too long before one pops up. I hope for her sake (and everyone elses) she pulls that big fat pole out of her ass, and gets laid pronto. Makes for such good viewing though.


olivia has no life thats why!


Oliva should be ashamed. I can't believe someone of her character works there!! Everything a DFV woman isn't!! If you are as disapointed as I am that DVF continues her employement, then share your thoughts with them at: humanresources@dvf.com

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