When Elisabeth Hasselbeck Attacks: A Conservative Condemnation of Michael Phelps

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is someone that campaigned vehemently on behalf of Sarah Palin.

Therefore, her opinion has been tainted forever.

Michael Phelps at the ESPYs

Still, we can't help but comment on the condemnation this talk show host laid at the feet of Olympic champion Michael Phelps this morning on The View.

In response to the shocking news that a 23-year old smokes pot, Hasselbeck said Phelps is "being paid millions to be an example [to youth]," actually adding that if he's willing to "take a drug that could impede his performance, would he be open to taking a drug that would enhance his performance?"

It's challenging to keep track of all that's misguided about that question, but we'll try:

  • Phelps is not being paid millions of dollars to be an example to anyone; he's being paid millions of dollars to sell products. Is Hasselbeck implying that Phelps' status as a role model would be different if he weren't a Nike pitchman?
  • Marijuana has never been proven to be any more dangerous than alcohol. Would Hasselbeck have had anything to say if Phelps were doing a keg stand? Or smoking a cigarette? If the issue is legality, what if he had received a speeding ticket? (Racecar driver Danica Patrick has received multiple citations for speeding; where is Hasselbeck's outrage over that?)
  • The actions of Phelps are not impeding any performance; he's gone on record, numerous times, as saying he's taking months off from training. The 2012 Olympics? They're in 2012!
  • Equating marijuana to steroids is like equating beer to Viagra. One impedes a performance, the other enhances it. They also have nothing to do with one another.

Phelps has apologized for his behavior, which was the first blip on what's been a stellar, patriotic career in the spotlight.

Do you think he deserves to have his integrity questioned by Hasselbeck? Let us know if you think her comments were...


Well she kind of makes a fair point, that's kind of! I don't like her but it was pretty stupid of him. He is a role model and shouldn't have done it but loads of celebrities probably do it just, less publicly! I think she is an ass but she DOES make a good point. However, there is no need to go attacking everyone for everything!! At the end of the day he shouldn't have done it and she is an ass.


i think the media puts certain people as role models - who said he had to be a role model. PARENTS SHOULD BE THEIR KIDS ROLE MODELS NOT CELEBRITIES.


a. This isn't the first blip in Phelps' "stellar, patriotic career." He was arrested for a DUI and put on 18 months probation in 2004.
b. Point blank, Phelps is a role model for young athletes. His actions send a horrible message to kids who play sports with dreams of making it to the Olympics.
c. While Elizabeth Hasselback can absolutely be an idiot. I think anyone in the public eye, especially an athlete, deserves any condemnation they get for breaking the law.


First of all, just because she is a republican doesn't mean her opinion doesn't matter anymore. Again the media and it's slanted democratic reporting even in the gossip columns is pathtetic..As for drugs that are not legal, YES, ILLEGAL, while they may be equal to alocohol in the effect it has on the body and mind it is still ILLEGAL, get your facts straight before you report on them....


She's a douche!


If all these magazines are calling him an American Hero...smoking pot it probably a dumb idea. He doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.

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