Twilight Takes Over Tokyo

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At least Robert Pattinson is better looking than Godzilla.

Not since that scaly monster has Tokyo been so overrun by forces beyond its control, as the stars of Twilight descended on the city this week for the movie's Japanese premiere.

Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart addressed questions from reporters during a pre-screening press conference. As always, they looked mighty good while doing it...


Smile, Kristen Stewart! You're famous!

Click on each picture below for more shots of these Twilight beauties overseas...

Twilight, Tokyo Premiere
Big in Asia
A Handsome Vampire
Smiling Stewart

[Photos: Splash News]


im the number one twilight fan yall and taylor lautner is burninig hot and so is emmett


What's with acting like Taylor Lautner wasn't there?


leave kristen alone at the end of the day she is still at a young age for an actress and probably a little uncomfortable with the 24/7 media attention, I dont blame the girl anyone else would be exactly the same - after all who wants to be constantly followed around and gossiped about, more times bad than good including the whole are/aren't you dating Rob especially with her having a bf. Plus she seems to be very much focused and serious about her acting jobs which is the way it should be!


Kristen Stewart- why are you always so freaking miserable. You aren't that great of an actress. Twilight, Land of Women, Into the were the exact same person. Soooo awkward....

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