The Latest Controversy Surrounding Joanna Pacitti

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Compared to season eight contestants such as Lil Rounds and Danny Gokey, aspiring singer Joanna Pacitti has scarcely been seen so far on American Idol.

But early spoilers indicate this crooner reaches the round of 36, which may create quite a stir across the Internet.

As previously reported, Pacitti has already enjoyed a career in the spotlight: she starred in a production of Annie, appeared on an MTV series and released an album under A&M Records.

To critics, this ought to disqualify Pacitti from the competition. With that in mind, we can't wait to see how they react to the following news!

According to Star Magazine, the singer gave a shout-out on her aforementioned 2006 album to Michelle Young and Roger Widynowski. Currently?

These two are executives for 19 Entertainment, the company that created American Idol and manages the careers of countless contestants.

Shadiness alert!

Heck, Pacitti, Young and Widynowski even lived in the same LA apartment complex for several years!

What do you make of this news, American Idol followers? Does Pacitti have an unfair advantage?


The Annie situation. Joanna did not star on Broadway. She won the highly publicized contest to play Annie on Broadway for the 2Oth Anniversary. However, she was fired during the pre-Broadway tour when she had laryngitis or bronchitis. She was sick. Now she gets cut from American Idol. This is the thing about American Idol "rules" they don't exist. Frenchie Davis got booted for posing but then in Season 6 that one girl who was not talented continued. Idol lets convicted criminals continue. I feel bad for Joanna because when it seem she's gotten her break, someone takes it away.


Joanna is very talented and if she makes it I believe she makes it on her own merit. Those so called 'friends' of hers that work in the business and shared the same apartment complex with her didn't help in getting her 'out there' when she was with Geffen and living in Hollywood.... so why would they give her an unfair advantage now? I believe she was badly mismanaged because her album and songwriting is simply awesome.


My opinion is that if Joanna makes it into the top 36, it is because of her talent. Who you know can only get you so far. I highly doubt that Simon Cowell would judge her on anything other than her talent. And after a certain point, it is up to America to decide. We will be the ones voting, and it will be up to us to decide how far Joanna will go in the competition. I, for one, think that she is extremely talented, and I plan on voting for her. I hope that she will go far in the competition. She has the voice to be the American Idol.


Another sign that the fix is in is that judge Kara who already admitting knowing her wrote the first single off Joanna's boyfriend Mark Ballas new cd.

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