The Kardashians Kall It Quits with Adrienne Bailon, Scott Disick

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Kim Kardashian kontinues to defy the dating odds with Reggie Bush.

While this kouple is going strong, two more members of Kim's family have kalled it quits with their significant others. (Remember: Khloe Kardashian dumped Rashad McCants earlier this month.)

Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian: Pantsless!

According to a source who spoke to Life & Style, Rob Kardashian will now let others see Adrienne Bailon nude. This relationship is over.

"It just got too hard... they are just so young," said the insider. "She is very career-oriented, and he's still in school."

As for Kourtney Kardashian, she had a much simpler reason for calling off her engagement to Scott Disick: the guy sucks!

"Kourtney finally got tired of Scott's fidelity issues," said the magazine's source, who said Disick was "openly flirting with other women — and probably more. He was also partying harder and harder."

What a moron. Disick has seen Kourtney Kardashian, right?!?

** UPDATE: In August 2009, rumors began to spread that Kourtney was knocked up and Scott was the father! This might be a PR stunt, or Scott may simply not be involve. Follow the preceding link and learn more!


i really love rob kardashian cos he handsome and i know he'll make a loving husband 4 me. i"m sure he'll be good in bed-as in having sex. i love having sex you know. my vagina is okay and i even feel like having sex now


this is crazy I can't believe this! what she always seemed more like the man in the relationship kinda sad rob cryed a lot more.....wait I never even seen adriene cry wtf????


I'm surprised this didn't come out sooner. Rumors always had him linked to other guys.


I did see Scott and "Shorty" together in Calabassas recently. The two are trying to get a movie career going. Kinda of thinking about it, they were a bit "touchy feely"


I think John208 is right - that is the real reson that Kourt & Scott Disick broke up is that he is gay. Just saying what is true. There's nothing wrong with being gay. Hopefully in this day and age people are tollerent.


Scott belive it or not has been seen with Shorty!!! Yes the homeless guy who appeared in the episode!!!


I'm glad that she broke up with Scott...what a guys make us embarrassed enough to be Kardashians and marrying a loser like him would just make things worse......C'mon Kourtney you can find someone better and much cuter!! Kind of sad about Robert and Adrienne, but Adrienne, you wouldn't want gold-digging Kris as your mother-in-law anyway....!




Adrienne and Rob you were perfect sorry 2 hear that u broke up i would really have liked to see you 2 get married and start a family together

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