The Celebrity Weight Loss Hall of Fame... and Shame

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We've brought you our Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame. Now we present to you our Celebrity Weight Loss Hall of Fame ... or Shame, as it is in many cases.

For every celebrity weight loss success, there is an equal and opposite celebrity weight gain... or celebrity weight loss gone horribly, horribly overboard.

Sometimes stars mean well, but fall off the boat and pack the pounds back on. Other times, they end up trying TOO hard and skipping a meal or 30.

The technical term for the latter is Mischa Barton Syndrome (MBS). Here's a look at the former OC star looking healthy last year and emaciated now ...

Mischa Barton Then and Now

Wow. Looking good, Mischa. When was your last meal, Thanksgiving?

Follow the jump for many more examples of celebrity weight loss winners and losers - those who have either tried way too hard or not hard enough.

NOTE: In the interest of mixing it up a bit, we didn't even include Jessica Simpson - though you can find many, many photos of her on our site!

Now, on to the Hall of Fame and Shamers ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt Then and Now

We love Jennifer Love. But Hewitt's critics had a field day with this.

Britney Spears Then and Now

Britney Spears in her prime and during her '07 VMA meltdown. Wow.

Tyra Banks Then and Now

Tyra Banks is much heavier - and more annoying - than in the old days.

Lindsay Lohan Then and Now

Lindsay Lohan used to have adorable girl-next-door qualities. Now she just has anorexic-waif-you-hooked-up-with-and-threw-out-the-door qualities.

Kate Bosworth Then and Now

Kate Bosworth also suffers from Mischa Barton Syndrome.

Sorry, we lied. We couldn't resist. Just look at that outfit!!

Carrie Underwood Then and Now

YOWZA! Finally, we have a winner. Carrie Underwood wasn't overweight to begin with, but slimmed down and toned up while still looking positively stunning.


Um whats wrong with britney after? she look beautiful in both picks


Gendig. Your kind makes me feel sorry for this worlds future. When a man is looking at a woman he does not think about how they got to look the way she does, only how she looks.


Well, this article was obviously written by a man who is completely out of touch with the realities that these women have to face in their lives - including media who is completely judgmental and critical while taking nothing into consideration other than physical attributes, mainly only weight. How shallow. By the way, completely uncalled for, "anorexic-waif-you-threw-out"... whatever. You should be ashamed.




Dayyym carrie looks freakin gorgeous in the pic from last years Grammy performance!!!

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