The Bachelor Spoilers: Blame Melissa Rycroft's Parents!

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Rumors that Jason Mesnick will choose Melissa Rycroft on next Monday's The Bachelor season finale only to dump her during the "After the Final Rose" special in favor of runner-up Molly Malaney have sparked controversy among fans.

This Bachelor spoiler bombshell, courtesy of a reality TV blogger claiming to be in the know, is now giving way to a slightly different iteration.

Rather that hatching this elaborate scheme with ABC from the beginning to create the most possible drama - a charge host Chris Harrison vehemently denies - the new theory is that Jason simply changed his mind and swapped girls on his own.

According to message boards on Reality Steve's blog - which first broke The Bachelor spoilers in question - a 67-year-old ex-ABC employee who knows people involved with the show claims Melissa's actions resulted in Jason's change of heart.

Melissa and Jason

Jason Mesnick's "hometown date" with Melissa raised red flags.

The insider says Jason Mesnick proposes to Melissa Rycroft in New Zealand and she accepts. That much has been rumored since the first promo of the year.

However, according to this Bachelor insider, the trouble begins when they return to the hotel and she calls her folks to break the engagement news.

Melissa's parents, of course, were conspicuously absent from the Bachelor hometown dates episode. Melissa said that they were private people not comfortable being on camera. Even stranger, none of Melissa's friends had ever met them either.

It seems in addition to their private tendencies that kept them off the show, her parents were also
not exactly keen on a match made on reality TV.

They were against Melissa Rycroft getting engaged, period.

Rumors has it that after this exchange, Melissa returned to Jason and told him she thinks they should slow things down and get to know each other better.

Supposedly, Jason Mesnick did not take this well and broke down crying. Could this be the scenario leading to the image of a devastated Jason in the promos?

Jason fell for both Melissa and Molly and made a choice based on who wanted to be with him more. Clearly, he was wrong and should have gone with Molly.

Then comes the infamous "After the Final Rose" special, where Jason describes how Melissa became more and more distant and gave off the impression that she never seriously wanted to see their relationship lead to marriage.

Feeling rejected, Jason calls up Molly and starts dating her.

Rumor has it all three key players in this Bachelor saga are on hand to hash out what went down - on a second "After the Final Rose" special filmed this week.

Ultimately, it is Melissa Rycroft who leaves the stage.

So, we now have two different versions of this giant Bachelor spoiler with the same basic outcome: Jason picks Melissa, but later ends up with Molly Malaney.

Does this spin on the season finale spoiler make things any better - and are you even buying it? Who do you think Jason should end up with?


i was disappointed jason let her go.she is a lovely young lady, great personality,bubbly,she will have no problem finding will come when you least expect it. her being a cowboy cheerleader kind of sets her up for being hurt. jerks just want to date her for what she was instead of who she is. good luck to her!


Jason is a wimpy hook-nosed punk! he belongs on tool academy. I fear he spends so much time on what he wants he isn't paying enough attention to his son's development. The kid seemed very closed and anti social to me. Would the father even notice that? he's too busy trying to fall in love again.


Well ... If the sex aint good go to plan B. That's what I figured out from the show and I wont watch these shows anymore on the account of pleasure and pain.


He's a jerk! Immoral in every sense of the word. What America should be asking him is "What happened between you and your ex-wife Jason?"
And my final comment is Molly is a FOOL, any man who pulls a stunt like that on another woman, I would not even look at him! He is going to do the smae thing to her.


This was my first (and last) time watching the Bachelor. Melissa is a jewel that Jason is, obviously, too dense to appreciate. He appears to be a wimpy, narcissistic loser who would never be good enough for this lovely woman who allowed herself to be open to love and got rewarded with pain. Melissa, Jason's change of mind frees you to be available for someone good enough for you. Best of luck to you, lovely one


That dude is the biggest tool in America. Did anyone else notice his kid seems retarded. If Mellisa was my sister I would snap that dip shit in two.


What a piece of crap Jason is. Everyone is entitled to change their mind but to do it in the manner that he chose to, he is a real piece of work! I hope Melissa does well atleast she is able to see that things happen for a reason and it is best that she does not end up with this creep. And desperate Molly she thinks this is her little fairy tale ending Hah! Team Melissa!


I don't think Jason is really looking for love, he seems to really only love himself and his wrapped up in his own self important world. When he doesn't feel he is getting enough attention or feels he has to amp up the drama he will cry for good measure. Most women prefer to be with a man, not a cry baby in his 30's.


There's absolutely no doubt about TV/producers etc playing a role in the drama and it would be a mistake if we the viewing public didn't have some sense of this from square one, that being said surely each and every contestant is made aware of the ramifications it plays in their personal daily lives before they ever see the light of a set or camera.
In summation Melissa i chose you to be the 'one' numerous episodes ago and not only because of the obvious chemistry between Jason and yourself but speaking on my own behalf I would as well.


OMG I am so disgusted with this show. I loved Melissa from the begining... He made a big mistake... What a CREEP!!! Eww and after he broke up with melissa and then was kissin on Molly 5 min later... BARF! This show and Jason SUCK!

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