The Bachelor Spoilers: Blame Melissa Rycroft's Parents!

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Rumors that Jason Mesnick will choose Melissa Rycroft on next Monday's The Bachelor season finale only to dump her during the "After the Final Rose" special in favor of runner-up Molly Malaney have sparked controversy among fans.

This Bachelor spoiler bombshell, courtesy of a reality TV blogger claiming to be in the know, is now giving way to a slightly different iteration.

Rather that hatching this elaborate scheme with ABC from the beginning to create the most possible drama - a charge host Chris Harrison vehemently denies - the new theory is that Jason simply changed his mind and swapped girls on his own.

According to message boards on Reality Steve's blog - which first broke The Bachelor spoilers in question - a 67-year-old ex-ABC employee who knows people involved with the show claims Melissa's actions resulted in Jason's change of heart.

Melissa and Jason

Jason Mesnick's "hometown date" with Melissa raised red flags.

The insider says Jason Mesnick proposes to Melissa Rycroft in New Zealand and she accepts. That much has been rumored since the first promo of the year.

However, according to this Bachelor insider, the trouble begins when they return to the hotel and she calls her folks to break the engagement news.

Melissa's parents, of course, were conspicuously absent from the Bachelor hometown dates episode. Melissa said that they were private people not comfortable being on camera. Even stranger, none of Melissa's friends had ever met them either.

It seems in addition to their private tendencies that kept them off the show, her parents were also
not exactly keen on a match made on reality TV.

They were against Melissa Rycroft getting engaged, period.

Rumors has it that after this exchange, Melissa returned to Jason and told him she thinks they should slow things down and get to know each other better.

Supposedly, Jason Mesnick did not take this well and broke down crying. Could this be the scenario leading to the image of a devastated Jason in the promos?

Jason fell for both Melissa and Molly and made a choice based on who wanted to be with him more. Clearly, he was wrong and should have gone with Molly.

Then comes the infamous "After the Final Rose" special, where Jason describes how Melissa became more and more distant and gave off the impression that she never seriously wanted to see their relationship lead to marriage.

Feeling rejected, Jason calls up Molly and starts dating her.

Rumor has it all three key players in this Bachelor saga are on hand to hash out what went down - on a second "After the Final Rose" special filmed this week.

Ultimately, it is Melissa Rycroft who leaves the stage.

So, we now have two different versions of this giant Bachelor spoiler with the same basic outcome: Jason picks Melissa, but later ends up with Molly Malaney.

Does this spin on the season finale spoiler make things any better - and are you even buying it? Who do you think Jason should end up with?


Last time, the guy picked NO one. This time he picked TWO, can't wait for the next script.


I bought this shirt because I am so upset. What a JERK!!!


Even if ABC told Jason to string Melissa along to keep drama in the show I would have said no! there is no way I would use a nice girl like that to help some fat cat TV executives get better ratings. She got used and humiliated by a scumbag guy named Jason. If I ever ran into him I would make him cry for real, right hook to the chin.


Melissa was a nice person who played by the rules and was truly looking to meeting someone. For this she gets publicly humiliated firts by ABC for it's ratings, then by Jason, a sneaky little weasel who strung her along to add drama to the show. No wonder Jason's wife left him, he is not an honest man. And I have no idea what to make of all of Jason's crying? very disturbing for a grown man to cry so much.


Molly is a cunt and I will never watch the show again.


if that is the case with her family: i feel for her. i gave up my family for a man and in the end, he left. melissa was doing the right thing. if jason loved her at all, what would it matter if they were married today or a year from now, he could have been supportive of her and waited it out a bit longer. what a cry baby. i am really surprised that annoying whining did not make some women want to leave the show.


Jason needs a shrink, nice example for his son. This kid won't know what end is up.


I am with other people on this board who would like to know why Jason's wife divorced him? I am guessing this guy had serious issues that she was not aware of in the beginning. He probably fooled her like he fooled us with the nice guy routine. She really must have freaked out when she realized she was married to a man who cries like a little boy all the time.


I thought Jason was a sensitive guy, but I was wrong he and Melissa made a cute couple. Molly doesn't appear to be ready for motherhood. She is very career oriented. I can't believe that ABC would allow this humiliation to be broadcast on national TV. And as far as the crying it was overdone by him. Please give me a break.


There just has to be more to it thats not beeing showen

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