The Bachelor Spoilers: Shocking Season Finale Revealed!

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As we talked about last week, The Bachelor finale will air Monday, March 2 from 8-10 p.m., followed by the standard “After the Final Rose” special from 10-11.

Then, as Bachelor host-pimp Chris Harrison said on Monday night's episode, there will be a second "After the Final Rose: Part 2" special on Tuesday, March 3.

Why a second special in an "intimate" setting after a "shocking" finale?

The Bachelor spoilers below may shock you. They may appall you. They may thrill you. In any case, people will be talking about this potentially epic conspiracy theory.

If you do not wish to read The Bachelor season finale spoilers, turn back now.

A dude who calls himself Reality Steve, and says he has inside information on good authority, claims the following events happen as The Bachelor season concludes:

Rugged Jason Mesnick
  • The promo that supposedly shows Jason Mesnick proposing to Melissa Rycroft - "given away" by her pinky ring and freckles - was real (and released on purpose). Jason chose Melissa in New Zealand. No editing. 
  • However, right now, Jason and Melissa are not together. Moreover ...
  • At some point between the proposal in New Zealand and the taping of the first "After the Final Rose" special, Jason began secretly dating Molly Malaney.
  • The first "After the Final Rose" special was filmed on January 18, rather than the week before the finale airs, as is the show's custom. In that hour, Jason ends his engagement with Melissa, and announces his relationship with Molly. 
  • The reason the second "After the Final Rose" special was added is to tell us Jason and Molly's story. Whether there is a marriage proposal involved is still anyone's guess, but the special will update us on their relationship.

All we can say is: O.M.G. Now that would be something.

Follow the jump for a nearly half-hour breakdown of this Bachelor insider's theory, as well as some of the major unanswered questions that remain if this Bachelor spoiler / conspiracy theory is truly to be believed ...

The man makes a compelling case, and his blog seems to back up his past claims. But if we are to believe this Bachelor spoiler, then we have to ask ...

  • Did Melissa Rycroft know any of this was happening?
  • Did ABC come to Jason Mesnick with this scenario - and did he intentionally do this to Melissa knowing he was getting rid of her that whole time?
  • What about the seemingly great chemistry between Jason and Melissa? 
  • How could Jason have dated Molly in secret since the show ended when he and the two finalists on The Bachelor have been under lock and key?
  • Jason said in interviews he was engaged and happy - was that a lie? Who was he talking about? Does it depend on when the interviews took place?

It's very confusing, and remains only a theory.

Check out the videos below if you wish to hear Reality Steve ramble about this for way too long, but we've pretty much summed it up for you above.

Leave a comment with your thoughts and your own theories about what will go down on The Bachelor finale - and what we have been led to believe.

[video url="/videos/the-bachelor-spoilers-part-ii/" title="The Bachelor Spoilers: Part II"] [/video]


Why would Molly want to be second best and she is excepting it, doesn't she realize second is the first loser!! I feel like if she would allow a man in her life who did not want her in the first place, she has to be pregnant, I thought I noticed a slight bump last night and I didn't even hear the rumor that she might be pregnant yet. I feel like Melissa needs to be the next Bachelorette. I think a lot of this drama was for ratings by the network. Good luck Melissa and hey Molly I wonder if Jason is thinking about Melissa right now, do ya think???


Molly is awsome....More power to her!!


blah blah blah who gives a shit what Jason decided! If he was not happy why stay with Mellisa! If I was Jason I would have done the same thing..gosh all you people get all caught up in all of this..get over it!


come on people.. you have to think.. in real life.. its possible that things didnt work out you date someone a few times.. think your in love. and when you get down to it.. something is missing..... and he was in love with both, and realized he picked the wrong girl..
As far as breaking up on tv... come on.. its tv..made to make us watch.. anticipate.. my feelings on jason havent changed.i hope he finds happiness with molly..and they can get on with there life..


Well i agree with Sydney.. what happens to this people is really none of our business.... but it just gets me mad that they do that.... because if you think about it when molly left she told Jason "you are making a huge mistake and hopefully you dont regret it" like y would she freaking say that you know


I heard that Molly is pregnant. I tried to see if she had a baby bump on tonight's show but they didn't show that much on the camera frame....


ABC has sunk to a new low with the Bachelor finale. After proposing to one girl and being engaged for six weeks he has now kicked her to the curb and is ready to try out his next flavor of the month. What a slimy jerk. Any attractiveness he may have had has bow gone for sure.What a way to promote and sanction nymphomania! SAD!


Six weeks between engagement and show - shes really lucky not to be stuck with the guy. I was waiting the whole time for him to crack a joke and he just refused. Not once was he interesting or funny. Can you imagine being stuck with a guy with zero personality. Good luck Molly, hopefully your okay with bland.


Molly is a tramp. No girl does that unless she is a low class ho! Molly is horrible. Jason was acting from the first second and he was looking for a trophie wife and got his match in Molly. I wonder if the little boy is his? I think Jason is just working up a resume for a sitcom. He is so fake, it is sickening.


Jason is a real bastard! You'd think that after having gone through the pain of being dumped by Deanna he would never want to cause the same pain to anyone, especially someone as sweet and emotional as Melissa. After this, I'm not interested in seeing this show anymore. It now appears to be so "unreal".

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