The Bachelor Preview: Will DeAnna Pappas Return?

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Does Jason Mesnick shun favorite Melissa Rycroft? Or does he send Naomi packing? Is Molly Malaney the cutest thing ever? Will DeAnna Pappas return again?

All these questions and more will be answered on tonight’s much-anticipated episode of The Bachelor as the reality show's 13th (and best) season continues.

The surprises have been manifold. Last week, Jason Mesnick shocked the world when he declined to hand out the final rose during the dramatic rose ceremony.

Megan, Lauren and Shannon were all sent home broken-hearted, even though the show's rules permitted Jason to dole out one last rose to a lucky lady.

This epic season is quickly drawing to a close, with a number of questions unanswered. For one, DeAnna Pappas' much-touted appearance has fallen off the radar so far. DeAnna hasn’t appeared since the premiere. Will she be back tonight?

Jason Mesnick and DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette season finale.

Elsewhere, in case you missed the previews for tonight’s episode, big things happen with both Melissa and Naomi (Molly, Stephanie and Jillian round out the field).

ABC makes it seem as if Melissa Rycroft is stood up by Jason, and that it’s Naomi crying at the end of the rose ceremony. But you know how those previews can be.

What do you think? Will Jason Mesnick send Naomi home at the end of the Seattle dates? Will Melissa get stood up so Jason can go on a date with DeAnna instead?

We'll see, but don't count Melissa out based on a stupid promo.

Their love connection is, like, so real. Follow the jump for a touching video (put together by someone with even more time on their hands than our interns have) of some of Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft's best moments so far ...


We watched in dismay.....especially when DeAnna came back (allowed by ABC) to'warn' Jason....too coincidental that he then prodeeds to 'make the mistake 'that (of course) Molly was certain he was doing. Anything for the's too SAD, THAT PEOPLE WOULD STOOP TO SUCH A MANIPULATIVE CONNIVED FORM OF EXPLOITATION AND REFLECTS HOW MISERABLE THE TV WORLD HAS BECOME. iF YOU MUST......WATCH...WATCH AND PRAY


I hope Stephanie is the next bachelorette!! She should have a man as nice as she is and a good father for her precious daughter. A complete family.


I'm beginning to think most of these bachelors and bachelorettes are in this show for the overnight fantasy suite. That ruins everything for me that the girls are so willing and eager to say yes to this. I know some of you do anything you want without any guilt and think, go for it. But, it is so disgusting, my opinion. I like to see them loving, real, good morals and respected by all. That would make good couples and good parents.


Did you notice in the Three vidios of the women speaking to Jason, that Molly is the only one mentioning Tye in their lives. Molly and DeAnna seems to care the most for him in a real way.


Melissa got nervous and kept rotating her wine glass when asked about her parents in the tub. Something she's not saying here. I have a feeling that her parents are very private people, not close to her and does not approve of her lifestyle. She is very good though at pulling the strings on Jason....saying she's working on her teaching cetificate and will stay with the kids during the a gift for TY during one of the dates... lucky enough to spend a night date at Jason's house...she's good at this. She may win. Plus the 'poor little me', scared me technique is working!!!!


Jason is a very smart man. If he's still inlove with DeAnna, I think they should be together.


i do hope deanna and jason end up together...melissa is too insecure and molly doesnt seem like the type to want kids right now. watching deanna with ty was real...give the two roses to deanna jason!!!!


Definitely need to have Stephanie as the next Bachelorette. She was such an incredibly classy woman!


I think the two girls that are left are wrong for Jason..I think they are just saying and acting out just to prove they can get Jason..I hope Jason and Dianna end up getting back together again..I think he still loves her because he said that he liked Melissa because she reminded him of Dianna..I think they were meant for each other.


I heard Deanna was spending a lot of time on the west coast...maybe with Jason? She's doing a live feed tonight at

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