Stephanie Hogan Speaks on The Bachelor Ouster

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For a time, it looked as though Stephanie Hogan was destined to take Jason Mesnick on a "hometown date" as one of the final four women on The Bachelor.

But the 34-year-old single mom from Huntsville, Ala., was surprisingly sent home on Monday's episode, exiting in a classy, mature (and thus unfamiliar) fashion.

In a conference call with celebrity news media, Stephanie talked about her connection - or lack thereof - with Jason and her impressions of The Bachelor.

Throughout her time on the show, and especially after that date to Legoland in which her daughter Sophia made a surprise appearance, Stephanie Hogan spoke of the very special connection she and Jason Mesnick were developing.

Jason Mesnick at the Rose Ceremony

However, after this past episode's Rose Ceremony, Stephanie Hogan conceded that she never saw that spark in his eyes whenever he looked at her.

In her interview, she explained this apparent contradiction, saying that their connection was more a strong friendship than anything romantic.

He didn't fill her with overwhelming passion when he walked into the room, Stephanie said, and she didn't think she did that for him either.

Nevertheless, she says she believes they will stay friends.

“I think we will [stay friends] after this. No doubt. I just had such a bond with Jason. I think our friendship will remain strong,” Stephanie said.

One of several single moms who left a child at home to be on the show, she said Sophia took her absence and her own appearance on national TV in stride.

“You know what, she had no idea. She thinks it's just a video. She didn't know she was on TV,” Stephanie said of her Sophia's feelings on the experience.

Stephanie said that after this season of The Bachelor is over and if she is still single, she would definitely consider being The Bachelorette if ABC asked her.

She offered no predictions on which of the final four ladies would win the heart of Jason Mesnick in the coming weeks - but you can tell us your opinion below!

Who will win The Bachelor?


I know there is always disappointment for many young ladies on The Bachelor wondering if they are the next to be sent home, however Stephanie Hogan is one up market, very beautiful, sophisticated, down to earth real lady, truly, truly hope she finds someone she's looking for that will make both her and Sophie's life complete and very happy. In my view she should have been the one to win the show, having a daughter and in a simular situation would be more perfect than any of the other younger with no experienced having someone else's child there all the time. Looking forward to hearing if she finds Mr Perfect she deserves. Regards Lana Breggren.


It was so heart broken to see Stephanie not get a rose. I think Jason made a big mistake letting her go. Stephanie is a beautiful mature, caring, woman with a heart of gold. I hope she will become the next bachelorette. She deserves to find Mr. Right.


Respectfully disagree. To see his body language when she kissed him, backing off like that. That says a lot. They are not romantically compatible and, while that can sometimes develop later, in this case, I'd say there's no chance of that. Stephanie is a gracious, mature, wonderful woman and, as Jason said, she deserves someone to be head over heels in love with her.....Jason wasn't. Sparks/chemistry doesn't just develop.....there has to be something there to begin with....something more than friendship. There has to be both.


Jason made a big mistake sending Stephanie home! The sparks may not have been there yet, but when Jason admitted that she could be his best friend, that's exactly what you want down the road. I wish Stephanie the very best! She is such an elegant lady and hopefully will find a soul mate as a result of this show.

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