Spencer Pratt: World's Biggest Tool

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Seriously. We challenge you to find a man who challenges his claim to that throne. It hasn't stopped him from making a small fortune, but the man is a Grade-A tool.

With rumors surfacing online that he is about to stage a fake divorce with his fake wife Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt was spotted shopping solo in SoCal today ...

Spencer Feeds the Meter

Spencer Pratt is a pimp. Not in any sort of complimentary way, just in the way he makes so much bank out of one staged relationship. You've gotta hand it to the man.

Who the hell knows what he's up to - but a new season of The Hills looms. We're sure he has plenty of attention-grabbing, money making schemes - not to mention passive-aggressive comments and bad facial hair in store.

Click to enlarge more pictures of Spencer Pratt shopping, sans Heidi Montag, on Montana Ave. in the L.A. neighborhood of Brentwood, Calif.

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[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Pauly Shore has more fame & name recognition than this TOOL...and that isn't saying much...although they both worked/work for MTV?? Music Tool Vision?


Dude...This guy is a tool...Heard on KROQ


s Spencer the son of Robert of "Hired Hand" fame?


Spencer rocks!!!!!!!!!!!


no, he's a douche


"bad facial hair",that was nice,the guy looks like the perfect star-trek caracter,whats up with this ugly guys teeth?,isnt his dad a dentist...he cant be,he would have done something about his sons ugly stickouts the same second he was out of the belly,ill bet my house that those teeth was the first thing that came out - and problably even got stuck somewhere along the way too,maybe he touched the g-spot a little to much...,i bet he cant close his mouth without thóse front focals sticking out like beavis partner in crime,BUTTHEAD...damn he looks like a true freakshow star.The best photos of this joke is taken straight on,then you clearly see how ugly the man is....hes father should have taken a sledge hammer and put those teeth and that upper extra jaw 5 inches back.


Spencer knows better than most what's going on, how to get it done, and what's coming next. Those who haven't the skills Spencer has can only write negative comments about him. Those negative comments reflect badly on those writing them. More guys should be like Spencer and then we'd have a better America.