Rihanna Torn Over Helping Cops Investigate Chris Brown

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Rihanna is listless, suffering from headaches and torn"over her parents' pleas to cooperate with police after she was allegedly brutally assaulted by Chris Brown.

"She hums sometimes, but she's more quiet than I've ever seen her," an unnamed pal of the "Umbrella" singer reportedly told a celebrity gossip source.

The friend said Rihanna, 20, visited a doctor last Friday, five days after Brown allegedly roughed her up following a fight in the couple's rented Lamborghini.

"It was because of the endless headaches she's been having since Chris hit her," the friend said. "The doctors were concerned about the contusions on her head."

Reports say that Rihanna - who was said to be furious and unmoved by Brown's apology statement last weekend - is still torn over helping police build a case.

Chris Brown Creepin'

Rihanna's level of cooperation with cops may be critical to what charges, if any, are pressed against Chris Brown. Will she help the police? [Photos: Splash News]

Brown, 19, was arrested the night of the Grammy Awards on suspicion of making criminal threats - he is accused of beating and threatening to kill Rihanna.

Chris Brown is free on $50,000 bail and has not been seen since.

"I mean, damn, her eye's black and the sides of her face are all f----d up," the friend told said. "But she keeps saying she still loves him."

Rihanna's parents are reportedly pleading with her not to worry about how jail time may affect Brown's career, and the Barbados-bred beauty is believed to be cooperating with police, at least for now and to a certain extent.


Awww ii feel badd for Rihanna..iif ii was her ii wouldnt love him anymore after what he did to her...


OMFG...why would chris brown do something stupid like that..hee is soo sexii but still whyy the f--- would he doo that...shes mad pretty..wowow...suckss for themm..


OMFG whyy woyld chris brown do that to rihanna is he stupidd..shes mad prettyy...he ruined his life..wowow..and he ruined hers to..basically


things happen she should keep her head up and keep moving forword forget about chris life goes on after chris and shes young she should live it to the fullest not let chris or any other man or boy stand in her way she is a very stong person she will get through this rough bump in the road


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abusers apologise, and promise never to do it again, but it comes back again.


I believe everyone should stop spectulating, and condeming Chris to death before we know what actually happen. Remeber these are allegations (not found to be true yet).


I thing Rihana should just go on with her life forget about chris brown.For god sake he don't love her.

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