Report: Usher Abruptly Cancels Concert After Tameka Foster Plastic Surgery Debacle

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A serious family emergency caused Usher to cancel his performance at a pre-Grammy Awards party last night - and one celebrity gossip report claims it's because his wife, Tameka Foster, is in trouble after having cosmetic surgery.

Music bigwig Clive Davis announced at his Pre-Grammy Bash that Usher's last minute cancellation was due to a "serious injury in the family."

Foster, Tameka

According to Access Hollywood, Tameka had "experienced complications from plastic surgery" in Brazil. What work she was having done is unclear.

Access claims a neurosurgeon is on the way to South America to assist Mrs. Usher - who just gave birth to their second child back in December.

An earlier report said that Tameka Foster was dead after botched plastic surgery, but Usher's rep quickly denied that. It is believed, however, that Foster did indeed suffer serious complications from a cosmetic procedure.

Above all else, we hope Tameka Foster is alright.

But we also look forward to seeing if she is worthy of joining our celebrity plastic sugery hall of fame! It's an elite group, but we think she can do it!


She probably went out of the country because no U.S. doctor would touch her after she just delivered a child TWO months ago. That is too soon to behaving major surgery.


I really doubt it. i'm from brasil, and I can't see any reason why she came here to have some procedure done. brasil is great in plastic surgery, but California still is the best.


Hopefully she is OK


Pray to God..........Tameka comes trough all this trouble..................beautifull girl...............great mother.......and always with a smile to me
Bless u Tameka


I hope she will be ok. She's a beautiful lady.


I hope she will ok. She's a beautiful lady.


hope she is ok

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