Report: Hayden Panettiere Mauls Jesse McCartney

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A Radar Magazine reporter has an interesting account of partying at Crown Bar last week and passing out - no, not from drinking, but from shock.

It happened when the witness saw that Hayden Panettiere was all over Jesse McCartney. When they say all over, they mean literally. On top of him.

The source emphasizes this numerous times, even using the amusing analogy of Hayden holding him tighter than Michael Phelps gripping that bong.

The Heroes star was supposedly sitting on Jesse McCartney's lap while he kissed her neck. Then she got up and did a "crazy sexy dance" in his lap.

Jesse McCartney Pic
You Know What That Look Says

So, does this mean goodbye, Milo Ventimiglia? [Photos: Splash News]

No word of a Halo breakup has been reported thus far, but it must be over between Hayden Panettiere and her long-time squeeze, Radar theorizes.

Why? Because after her inside PDA with Jesse, they went outside to smoke and he wrapped his arms around her from behind and was kissing her neck again.

Not a move you'd pull if you were secretly moving in on some guy's girlfriend. You'd wait until you got her back to your place before neck-biting commenced.

On that note: "It started to look like an episode of True Blood," the Radar inteligence report reads. "Dude has some sort of neck fixation for sure."

Panettiere does have a nice neck, at least. Luckily for a fan, she even took a brief time out from mauling the lame singer to provide an autograph.

In the middle of this, a girl approached Hayden Panettiere to ask for sign the back of a store receipt for her. The actress was nice enough to oblige.


I LOVE Jesse! geez he is so hot - yummmy!
But c'mon? i doubt its true, if this guy who works for a magazine company "witnessed" it why didn't he take a picture and make a few extra bucks? (then again... Jesse's lawyer are pretty fierce...wish i could have seen him in that candy thong... mmmm)


For all you posers.
jesse doesnt go online much often. he has a life and the person who is saying they are jesse! just freaking stop its fucking immature of you!


i cant beleave some of you girls arguing over me the thing is none of you girls will go out with me because i already have a girlfriend but i was keeping it a secret because i wanted to see if it went well first and also anyone that wants to find out who i am dating then you will have to find out for yourself because i am not telling anyone this time because all my breakups all seem to be because of my fans and people that hate the girl i am dating so i am keeping it a secret this time (no offence to my fans or anything) jesse mccartney


quite honestly, i think this entire article is false. i do not believe jesse mccartney went outside to go "smoke" with hayden - and then decided to start kissing her neck. what the hell? honestly? no, jesse is smarter than that. he would have taken her home to continue anything - you know, considering the fact that both of them are famous and all and this shit would definitely hit the magazines. this is a just a rumor. end of story.


he is so cute i wish he would come to colorado on nov 25 omg


Its very obvious Jesse did kiss her on the neck.After filming Summerland with him,we had a relationship too.When we went to bed together,the first thing he did is pull off my clothes and start kissing my neck then he pressed my private part.I cant tell you any more.


jesse mccartney is hot if anyone will touch him agein i will kill her im not joking


bitch get a life and stop touching my man.


Do you Love Hannanh Montana?


jesse you might find love someday.

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