Oscar Fashion Face-Off: Beyonce vs. Jessica Biel

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We're not entirely sure what Beyonce was going for with the dress she donned last night, but it was one of the more interesting Academy Awards fashion statements.

Jessica Biel, meanwhile? Nothing she wears will ever compare to the sink pic. Absolutely nothing. But she still looked pretty glamorous last night, don't you agree?

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Who looked better at the Oscars?


I think Beyonce is a astonishing woman. Jessica Biel is in no way, shape, or form on the same level as Beyonce. The only thing that Jessica Biel has going for her is Justin Timberlake, and he is the hottest man on earth. Beyonce and Justin should get together now there is a perfect match.


i think the real question here is why does beyonce insist upon standing in the most ridiculous poses while on the red carpet?! she always does this! beyonce! nobody stands like they are playing head, shoulers, knees and toes on the red carpet at the oscars!! she's a beautiful woman; i don't get why she stands like that.

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