Olivia Palermo: The City is Real

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Olivia Palermo, the socialite co-star and "co-worker" of Whitney Port of MTV's The City, has actually been an aspiring actress for a few years now.

But despite what you might have read, what she does on the glamorous reality show isn't pretend. At least that's what she tells New York Magazine.

"Acting is one of the things I'm interested in, but I completely respect it as an art form that requires lots of talent, dedication and hard work," she said.

Still, getting in front of the cameras does help prepare Olivia Palermo for a life onscreen: "I've gotten so much more comfortable being in front of the cameras over the course of shooting this season. The first few days were a little bit awkward!"

Olivia Palermo, left, with Whitney Port and Erin Lucas.

"Of course, nothing feels 100 percent natural when you're being followed by a camera crew, but I've definitely acclimated. I think that in the first few episodes, that level of discomfort and awkwardness I felt really came through on camera."

Olivia Palermo says she hopes that over the rest of the season on The City, you see more of "the real her," whatever that means. Unfortunately for the young glamazon, even she's not sure what that might look like.

"I never know ahead of time what's going to end up on the show," she said. "So watching all of our stories unfold has been really exciting for me."

Wow, watching your own life as told and interpreted by somebody else. Sounds like what Lauren Conrad has been doing for years now!

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GOD FORBID that Olivia gets her own show. At least Whitney is sweet and it's interesting to see her on this journey coming from CA and being on her own in NYC. Olivia just oozes a mean spirit, arrogance and a perpetual stick up her *ss.. no thanks. Editing? I think not. You can't edit IN things that weren't said, and she's been plenty condescending to Whitney in the past, as well as to Erin (hello, she's the PR Director!) currently.


Olivia is such a bitch. She comes out with all this self-righteous bullshit about how Whitney should stop behaving all "immature" in the workplace, yet she goes and takes total credit for the Jessica Alba cover shot. I couldn't stop laughing when the two of them had that presentation for the DVF handbags and Olivia was all like "It's gonna be so easy", then she was a total ball of nerves when she had to speak in front of all those people. What an ass.


I see you're one of OIivia's friends- if you think rude is beautiful and name dropping is the way to go


Why would you compare her to Whitney, anyway? They are 2 separate people with their own talents, faults, and strengths. How dumb to make this into some kind of popularity contest from the very start.


olivia is gorgeous, and she's so much smarter than whitney. i'd like to see her own show. might be more famous than he hills!

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