Nolan Gerard Funk: The Next Zac Efron?

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This may be heresy to some, but Nolan Gerard Funk is setting his sights high.

The young actor is being promoted as the next Zac Efron. He'll star in next week's Nickelodeon original movie Spectacular!

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Will High School Musical fans jump aboard the bandwagon of this new franchise, now that Efron and company have moved on? Funk, a Vancouver native that is fluent in French and filmed a music video last year alongside Miranda Cosgrove, leads the film's cast. He plays Nikko.

Spectacular! premieres on Monday night, February 16.

For now, compare the young actors below and then respond to our poll question:

Who is studlier: Nolan Gerard Funk or Zac Efron?


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They both are very talented but I think Zac Efron is over rated other than musicals what has he done? I think Nolan was AWESOME in Spectacular and his voice is so much more edgy and way stronger than Zac's by far. Zac is too much a metrosexual for me Nolan definitely not a pretty boy like Zac. That is my opinion... Until Zac breaks out of the musicals I will not see him as a actor. Yes I do know he has done some low budget movie but nothing that was very successful like High School Musical just like the rest who starred with them. That is my opinion... So look out Zac Nolan is going to ROCK!


Nolan is way hott and way sexier then zac by a long shot!


ahahaha! nolan is DO much hotter than Zac, evn tho Zac is sho sexi, Nolan is sexier..better vioce too >_


huy there kidden right how can he ever be replaced by zac zac is sooo beond cuttttte


No one could EVER EVER EVER replace Zac!!
He is 9384762341092837 times more GORGEOUS than that other kid!
Zac has nothing to worry about! I


That's not really he's name is it?