Nolan Gerard Funk: The Next Zac Efron?

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This may be heresy to some, but Nolan Gerard Funk is setting his sights high.

The young actor is being promoted as the next Zac Efron. He'll star in next week's Nickelodeon original movie Spectacular!

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Will High School Musical fans jump aboard the bandwagon of this new franchise, now that Efron and company have moved on? Funk, a Vancouver native that is fluent in French and filmed a music video last year alongside Miranda Cosgrove, leads the film's cast. He plays Nikko.

Spectacular! premieres on Monday night, February 16.

For now, compare the young actors below and then respond to our poll question:

Who is studlier: Nolan Gerard Funk or Zac Efron?


Wowow i say Nolan is way cooler & better then zac


bring in da funk! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


nolan funk is da man!


nolan is better especially in singing. :)


nolan is way hotter!!!!!


whats nolan is sexi ai,I vote por nolan is sexi whats zac efron


That's tough... but i'll have to go with
Nolan. With just watching the trailer of spectacular,
i thought it would suck, and was a copy of HSM, but after actually watching it, i really don't know what i was thinking...
I think Nolan is better looking and more talented.


I like Zac too, no lie, but Nolan is less plastic


i HATE Zac.. Nolan is obviously so much of a better singer & dancer than Zac.. acting.. not so sure.. okay maybe Nolan is a better actor.. he was in Smallville n Supernatural.. so.. yeah..
n Nolan is way hotter.. n he isn't the kind of person who imitates others.. or the kind of person who seeks attention.. unlike Zac.. who seems to have copied Robert Pattinson's hair.. (ugh i hate Zac... TO THE CORE)


nolan and zac are both hot and they should be freinds

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