New Details Emerge in Chris Brown Arrest

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After an incident that saw Chris Brown arrested on what should have been a celebration the biggest night in music, new details have come into play.

The singer is under investigation for domestic violence, allegedly against his girlfriend Rihanna, and cops say additional charges may still be filed.

No Herpes Here

Brown rented a silver Lamborghini - the car in which he allegedly fought with Rihanna - from Platinum Motorsport in L.A. for $2,000 a day. That vehicle has since been impounded as evidence, with Chris footing the bill of course.

Meanwhile, TMZ has confirmed Rihanna is alleged victim in the Chris Brown case and the allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon. The crime report gives the victim's name as Robyn Fenty - her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Chris Brown and Rihanna and a pre-Grammy Awards party just a few hours before the incident in which he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend in a silver Lamborghini.

Law enforcement sources say the crime report calls the incident assault with a deadly weapon - though the exact nature of the weapon is still a mystery.

Sources also say the typically book a suspect for the most serious crime he or she can be charged with - it's then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.

Given there were allegedly visible injuries to Rihanna, the crime of making criminal threats may be viable - and is punishable by up to nine years in prison.

Domestic abuse, by contrast, only carries a maximum of four years.

On a lighter note (if there can be amid such a sad story), the completely unsubstantiated rumor going around the Internet regarding the cause of Chris Brown's alleged (and completely despicable) act of violence is this:

The fight started because Rihanna gave him herpes. Wow.


If he has herpes it is his own fault. Having unprotected sex is like playing with a loaded gun, especially in these times we are living in. WRAP IT UP!!!


i agree with yungmuny kinda but there is other ways to solve things...ya look wat happen to chris...even dou she needs to get her stuffs fix that aint cool..makes u look bad even dou this is happenning...i always loved chris but man u mest up too...u knw wat they both have the shocked i saty to both of u me being a fan!!!!!


Omg!!! I am sooo shocked! That is totally disgusting. Even if she did give him herpes there is no excuse for a man to hurt a woman or a woman to hurt a man. I never did like him actually but they seemed like a good couple.


hey gia, SHUT THE FU*K UP, if somebody gave ya son or brother herpes or sum type of std that u CAN NEVER GET RID OF, I.E.(HERPES) then you got every right in my book to whoop dat not sayin hittin women is right, but there ARE circumstances b**ch!!!


Knowingly giving someone herpes is assault with a potential deadly weapon also. There is also no excuse for a woman to hit a man but we'll have to wait and see how the evidence plays out.


I dont care what the reason is there is no excuse for a man to put his hands on a female!!!..point blank period!...


He's accused of beating up a woman, his publicist probably spread the herpes rumor so he doesn't look like such a tool.


Herpes is a very serious thing. If u know that a person sleeps with everybody, why continue the relationship. Hopefully, Chris doesn't have Herpes. Rhianna, if it is true, be careful who u sleep with. Playin with a person,s life is serious, including your own. Some people get really angry to the point of hurtin U as u see.

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