New Details Emerge in Chris Brown Arrest

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After an incident that saw Chris Brown arrested on what should have been a celebration the biggest night in music, new details have come into play.

The singer is under investigation for domestic violence, allegedly against his girlfriend Rihanna, and cops say additional charges may still be filed.

No Herpes Here

Brown rented a silver Lamborghini - the car in which he allegedly fought with Rihanna - from Platinum Motorsport in L.A. for $2,000 a day. That vehicle has since been impounded as evidence, with Chris footing the bill of course.

Meanwhile, TMZ has confirmed Rihanna is alleged victim in the Chris Brown case and the allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon. The crime report gives the victim's name as Robyn Fenty - her real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Chris Brown and Rihanna and a pre-Grammy Awards party just a few hours before the incident in which he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend in a silver Lamborghini.

Law enforcement sources say the crime report calls the incident assault with a deadly weapon - though the exact nature of the weapon is still a mystery.

Sources also say the typically book a suspect for the most serious crime he or she can be charged with - it's then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.

Given there were allegedly visible injuries to Rihanna, the crime of making criminal threats may be viable - and is punishable by up to nine years in prison.

Domestic abuse, by contrast, only carries a maximum of four years.

On a lighter note (if there can be amid such a sad story), the completely unsubstantiated rumor going around the Internet regarding the cause of Chris Brown's alleged (and completely despicable) act of violence is this:

The fight started because Rihanna gave him herpes. Wow.


yungmuny aka james e young III i.e. that b!tc#....


This isnt funny i mean even though most people dnt like her but dnt say thats what she gets....and its not okay what chris brown did because how would you feel if someone beat you up. And plus i think that its a reazon behind all of this he wouldnt just hit her just because....


This isnt funny i mean even though most people dnt like her but dnt say thats what she gets....and its not okay what chris brown did because how would you feel if someone beat you up. And plus i think that its a reazon behind all of this he wouldnt just hit her just because....


OMG, I am so disgusted that some of you people would actually think that what Chris did is ok!!! NO MATTER WHAT..hitting a woman is NOT RIGHT! I don't care WTF is going on, you NEVER hit a woman!! This is what's wrong with the world today, f*cked up peole thinking it's ok to beat women! That's why so many women end up dead each year...cuz stupid people like you think it's ok to beat a woman, then it gets outta hand and whoops she's dead. Are you kidding me??!! You are seriously ok with this?! You are f*cked up!


I feel sorry for Chris Brown I do not agree with hitting a women nor is anyone worth going to jail for but she was suppose to love him then she gives him herpes how disgusting to bad some kind of punishment can't be given to her, come on what would you do if someone you loved gave you herpes. My heart goes out to Chris Brown such a waste to such a talented young man.


People are defending him and saying wait until you hear the whole story, yet give them the hint of a rumor with no fact to back it up about her and they take it as fact and start blaming her. WAKE UP PEOPLE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE KILLS!! The police dont set a $50,000 bond and people dont hire Mark Geragos over a rumor. Stop defending him, so what he can sing, and dance. He is a punk coward who hits women. You dont know him, you just know an image created in a marketing office. People really think they know celebrities and defend their terrible actions. They are just humans, and this one isn't a very good one if he hits women.


how could you chriss brown.I mean i can blame you rihanna is a bitch. U have been a bad roll model for jung people and mostly boy's


Cut the crap I think Chris or Her were probably creeping at the pre-party for the Grammys. Prob Ciara I can't say not my place I love you both good Luck. I think it's a cheating thing I'm out. Just a guess y'all still my boy if he did shouldn't laid hands in Her.


The whole Herpes rumor is so stupid. Bossip spreaded this rumor b/c of an earlier picture. Riri had a cold sore. That doesn't mean she had herpes. Secondly, you think honestly Chris found out at 12am in the morning abt the Herpes thing. Let's get real. More than likely, alcohol played a factor in this. Actually the police report said he got in a drunken rage, probably stemmed from jealousy. We can speculate all we want, the bottom line is we dont know what cause Chris to snap.


If it is true in the news that Chris did contract herpes from Rihanna, he has a right to be upset, I would be upset if my lover gave me a STD. However, as disappointed and sad as it is, he has to take responsibility as an adult to protect himself at all times, It also brings to mind, that everything that looks good ain't good. In Holloywood people sleep around like flies. Just my opinion. I just could not trust that person anymore. No matter what the facts are no man or woman should put their hands on anyone to solve the problem. The Golden Rule is if you don't protect yourself who will!!!!

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