Miley Cyrus Really is Sorry for Offending Asians

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If at first you don't apologize successfully, try, try again.

Following a lame apology that essentially blamed others for misinterpreting a photo of her and her friends possibly mocking Asians, Miley Cyrus has taken to her official website again.

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Here's the singer's second attempt at putting racist rumors to rest:

"I really wanted to stress how sorry I am if the photo of me with my friends offended anyone. I have learned a valuable lesson from this and know that sometimes my actions can be unintentionally hurtful. I know everything is a part of GOD’s ultimate plan, and mistakes happen so that eventually I will become the woman he aspires me to be."

Have you seen the supposedly racist picture in question? Do you think Cyrus made a mistake posing for it? Write in. Let us know!


To Be Honesty There's Nothing Wrong With What Miley Did..
My GirlFriend Is "White" And Does This To Joke With Me..
I Still Love Miley =) She's A Cute County Girl.


omg yall I'm not maiking fun of asains but I do that too with my eyes and my friend do that to with there eyes and I have asain friend and she does that too with her eyes and Demi Lovato is my friend and she told me that Miley Cyrus is not making fun of asains and Demi Loavto said too me she does that too with her eyes but she's not making fun of asain at all and when i get older I will do the something and stuff like Miley Cyrus is doing becuase I still like her and stuff and the picture that Miley Cyrus has that shows her belly and pantes thoses are fake becuase people edit them and make them like that and stuff becuase thay hate Miley Cyrus and becuase thay dont have no better things too do then just make fun of Miley Cyrus and call her mean/bad stuff like that so I am making a ponit to all miley hates like I have a picture with Miley Cyrus on it and I edit it and put my name on it so backoff Miley Cyrus hates.


No i dont think this was wrong of her because if anyone else did it would be called a JOKE but because shes a Celeb its 'racist'. Someone has posted a comment saying, 'DNT LYK HER AT ALL SHE NEED 2 GET OFF TV ALL HER SONG SUCKS IN SHE WHITE' < that is racism, you dont like her because shes white. Have you got a problem with white people? if you have why come on a 'racist photo' and stick up for the victim when you do it too. And at my school it is about 80% other countries and 20% English. We get blamed for being racist if we accidently push them in the corridor, but they call us white and shout abuse in their own language and they dont get nothing said to them. So next time you think of saying something like this is racist, live a day in my shoes.


leave Miley alone. Anyone else in the whole freaking world could have done that with their friends and no one would have said a word. I think the whole thing is pretty dumb to be honest with you. She's sixteen!! My friends and I have taken pictures like that with our asian friends and no one is sueing me for money. So what's the big deal in the first place? Nothing, it's the crap people try to blame her for because she's famous. GROW UP!


people need to realize that the money and the racist remarks are not the problem here. what really bothers me is that she's already been in the media about a ton of unreasonable and immature things and she has to go and pose like that? what the hell did asians do to her? that's just plain rude. she knows people will talk, and who cares what others do. no one ever finds out about those people, but miley who's in the spotlight should never do something like that. she will obviously never learn from this mistake and i obviously don't care what happens to her. she needs to grow up mentally!


How come us white people are expected to apologize every time we make a racial comment?I sure do not hear Asians,African Americans,or Mexicans apologizing for their racial slurs about us white people. You so called minorities(asians,etc.) need to grow up and quit acting like the big babies you are. White people owe you nothing!!!






Too many celebrities think they can get away with anything...


how could you make fun of asians?
just cos their smarter than you?
ok maybe that was stereotypical, but still.
Some nerve, slut.


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