Miley Cyrus: Look at My Love for Asians!!!

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Miley Cyrus has faced criticism before.

Many celebrity gossip followers though it was inappropriate for the singer to pose topless in Vanity Fair; others believe she's nothing more than a Disney-created hack.

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Now, however, comes a true test. Cyrus is facing the wrath of an entire ethnicity, following a controversial photo in which she and friends appear to be making fun of Asians.

Earlier today, a woman acted as the plaintiff in a class action suit against Miley, one that is asking the singer to pay $4 billion in damages to the Asian Pacific Islanders she offended in the aforementioned picture.

How should Cyrus react to this lawsuit? You can answer that in the poll below. For now, she's just trying to prove that she actually has Asian friends...

Will Miley's friendly strategy pay off? We'll see.

Let us know how YOU think Cyrus should handle this lawsuit:


Dam fuck whoever voted dat she should make fun of mexicans.Hoes n bitchasses lissen im mexican n black n part white.Niggas so ya better stop talkin shit, real talk. No more racist shit


"Everyone Has done that sometime in the life (most propally)" Yeah. Most likely, the very same people that use the word "propally". She's an idiot. NOT 4 billion dollars worth of an idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. Nothing a good ass kicking wouldn't cure.


she should just do some volunteer work in some asian country to show she cares about asians. but then again they might pelt her with tomatoes.....but 4 billion surely is a lot. yay she knows asians??? like we know who those asians are.....and people say ohh what if she made fun of such and such race....well how do you exactly make fun of a mexican or african american without using props? asians are more easier because of the eyes. but what about people using fake guns, using grills, throwing up gangster signs. are gangsters gonna get crazy and cause a riot? i doubt it.


wow she is retarded. but suing her for 4 billion like honestly? thats taking it wayyyy too far. she is really stupid though and should've known better than to pose like that considering she's always in the public eye but really it's not worth 4 billion.


Poor Girl.
Everyone Has done that sometime in the life (most propally) and just because she is famous she might get sued $4billion ! i do feel sorry for her. she is propally really angry with her self for that 1 second were she choose to do that pose. and that 1 picture may cost her 4billion! witch i think is just crazy! i mean come on 4BILLION! thats ridiculos!
Dont give Up Miley, your brilliant at what you do so dont let this thing get you down.!


im sorry but this is totally RIDICULOUS it's a picture, yes she shouldnt make this face but she was juste kidding! How could she knew people were going to be so shocked? Everybody make so silly faces sometimes..who didnt made the asian pose? But i can understand that it offended some people but c'mon guys 4billions? LOL it's a JOKE


why in hell should she make fun of any ethnicity there are bigger things in the world going on then to worry about a dumb ass 16 yrs old does ppl need to get a life she said sorry let move on and wait what stupid thing she does next


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