Lisa Rinna: Red Carpet Catastrophe

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Lisa Rinna formerly starred on Days of Our Lives.

But her appearance on the red carpet of last night's Academy Awards gave our staff the biggest daze of our lives. (Sorry.)

The actress, who has threatened to bare it all in an upcoming issue of Playboy, is a walking example against plastic surgery. The conversations on The Hills are more real than a majority of Rinna's body parts.

If you wanna check out some attractive Oscar fashion, follow our link. If you wanna scoff at what Lisa Rinna has done to herself, click on the pics below...


HELLO EVERYONE, I AM NEW HERE, I AM VERY EAGER TO SHARE SOME THOUHGTS WITH YOU ALL HERE, ANYONE WATCHED 81ST OSCAR? I WOULD LIKE TO SAY IS : OMG, lisa rinna's lips color and shape just awful, make me felt like vision torture entire host,maybe men will turn on by that looks? her upper lip just make me felt disgusting to thinking about "down under there " ... another lady host is pretty but smile is so weired , what hell that channel's boss thinking to put those two on the show? no taste.


Good Lord, Rinni - quit with the lips. Your upper lip is so streched it looks like its going to snap somebody; it looks alien!! STOP!


Wow! Lisa is a train wreck. TV Guide needs to re-evaluate their coverage using Lisa. She has become a laughing stock. I would suggest bringing up Maria Sansone from the pre-show to replace Lisa Rinna. Maria is naturally gorgeous and a much more polished host.


She looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

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Lisa Rinna, First Playboy Cover
Lisa Rinna is a former star of Melrose Place and Days of our Lives. She was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and is very pretty. More »
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