Khloe and Kim Kardashian: Fashionably Kool or Kriminal?

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Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian kreated quite a stir at New York Fashion Week a few days ago.

The sisters kouldn't help but draw attention to themselves by donning similar, single-strapped dresses as they saunted down city sidewalks.

Our staff is known for despising this style even more than the concept of choosing names for your kids than begin with the same letter. Do you agree?

Chime in on Khloe and Kim's outfits below:

Single-Strapped Sisters

These dresses are...


u knw who eva made up this CRAP bout who looks better kim or or khloe ur so.... wrong i think these girls r beautiful in their own way i luv ys guys
u c u can't judge people without even knwing them
u have to knw them first
u sez orange is the new pink well...
who sez we should say kim is the new khloe
ITS WRONG leave these people alone they have their own lives to handel and they just want to live their lives lyk we do
knw 1 wants people up in their faces and prepps in thier faces all the time
so if ya have any questions ask me ! xx

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