Kelly Clarkson Pics: Through the Years

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In case you haven't heard, Jessica Simpson has been under fire this month for resembling an overweight grandmother.

Is it ever right to call out a woman for being fat? Probably not.

Clarkson Style

But does Simpson have a difficult time playing the victim when she's made a living off her image, inviting the world into her home for a reality show and seeking attention wherever she goes? Probably so.

Conversely, Kelly Clarkson has also battled weight issues over the years... but no one cares. The original American Idol simply goes about her business of making good music, garnering fame and fortune via actual vocal chops, as opposed to large breasts and pink Cowboys jerseys.

Here's a look at Clarkson over the years. Click on each photo for a larger version:

The moral of this contrast?

If you possess talent, the media will focus on your music. If you flaunt your body at every occasion, expect a backlash when it changes shape.

Sorry, Jessica.


You people are ignorant! Just because someone isn't a F****** size 2 you think their FAT. What size are y'all, probably a hell of alot bigger than Kelly. She looks D*** good, she's a real girl, she ain't no fake barbie.


I think that kelly clarkson is a muti-talented singer/songwriter and it shouldn't matter what she looks like! Kelly rocks and I love her new album


Personally I like her voice, she has nice eyes and so what if she a little weight. I'm more concerned about who she is as a person, what makes her tick, her passion than how much she weights, after all it's not like she unhealthy.


Kelly is is mad-talented, so who cares about her weight. I think she's really cute, with a great personality.


They use photo shop for every celebrity's photo shoot and Kelly is far from being a fake. And even though she is not as skinny as she was during the Breakaway she's still not fat.


Kelly is fat but she is marketed with photoshop. It makes her a fake.