Katrina Darrell Nude Pics: Clearly Coming Soon!

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Four minutes... three minutes... two minutes...

As her 15 minutes of fame winds down, eliminated American Idol contestant Katrina Darrell has come up with a way to extend her time in the spotlight:

Former Idoler

Goodbye, Bikini Girl! Hello, Naked Girl!

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Darrell made a truly startling admission: she'd consider posing in Playboy.

“[I’ve had] a lot of different offers, like Vegas promotion offers. Of course Playboy has called... I wouldn’t say no, but at the same time I don’t want to stunt my career by jumping into that too soon and be labeled once again, as ‘just a body.’ But I don’t knock it."

How much would you pay to see Katrina Darrell nude?

A few words of advice, Kat: with competition from fellow Playboy hopeful Ranae Shrider, you should jump on this opportunity as soon as possible.

Soon, the eyes of American Idol fans will turn to competitors that sound great on stage, as opposed to look great in swimwear.


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Katrina Darrell is gonna enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. This part-time model auditioned for season eight of American Idol... in a bikini!... More »
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