Karissa and Kristina Shannon: 69 at the Super Bowl!

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Santonio Holmes' game-winning, tip-toeing reception to win Super Bowl XLIII for the Pittsburgh Steelers is no longer the most scintillating still image from the weekend.

That honor instead falls to Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

The busty blonde girlfriends of Hugh Hefner showed up at a Playboy-sponsored party wearing nothing over their breasts but body paint, with the number "69" drawn over their large boobs.

No, this figure didn't represent the over/under for the game. Not for any game played outside the bedroom, at least.

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Karissa and Kristina Photo

Click on the photos above for even larger pics of the Shannon Twins.

[Photo Credits: Splash News]


OMFG they arnt even that hot! an they dont even have big boobs, hef fully shudda kept the otha 3 girls, much hotter with stunning bodies, BIG MISTAKE!! these girls aktally look like sluts, the other 3 didnt, these 3 r jus afta his $$$ && fame!


These girl's are hot as fuck !


they are gross.
and their boobs aint big i know 14 year olds with bigger boobs then those little sluts.
jesus, these girls are unacceptable.
what do their parents think of this?


These gurls r kidz. Holy Christ Hef, you should be executed! Their bodies are evidently underdeveloped. This is paid desperation. Poor Hef trying to hold unto his pride,lol


well, i think their sexy!


They are such whores!! Holly, Kendra and Bridget had a little more class, well Kendra didn't really but these two are just stupid, blond sluts!!


At least the original "Girls" were pretty and had better looking bodies. These girls like they could work at a grocery store in any town. There is nothing dynamic there, unless you call taking your clothes of dynamic. Average looking twins. Big stinkin' deal.


Their parents must be so proud...