Jesus Luz: Converting to Kabbalah?

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Your move, Alex Rodriguez.

Reports say Madonna's rumored paramour Jesus Luz has reportedly converted to Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish offshoot embraced by her Madgesty.

The Brazilian model - who is said to be a strict Catholic - joined an online community for Kabbalah believers, and has updated his website, informing "friends" about his switch to the faith, of which the Material Girl is a devout follower.

"Jesus' family are very traditional and quite religious so this news is sure to come as something of a shock," a source tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper.

Hey, 'Sus

"But Jesus is totally taken with Madonna and is slightly in awe of her. Quite simply he can't get enough, and finds her utterly compelling and bewitching."

"The two of them have spent a lot of time together in recent weeks and Madonna's chatted quite freely about her beliefs – especially Kabbalah."

Madonna and Jesus Luz met during a steamy W Magazine photo shoot.

"He has taken a real interest and started making a few online inquiries into the faith. He has joined an online Kabbalah group and is keen to become an active member. Madonna has also offered to take him to the Kabbalah center in New York."

The pair have been rumored to be an item for several weeks, though rumors also persist that it's just so she can take the heat off of Alex Rodriguez.

Madonna reportedly told her previous squeeze, A-Rod, that her relationship with Luz is just a publicity stunt. She was also said to be furious when he returned to Florida to be with ex-wife Cynthia Rodriguez in the wake of his steroid scandal.

Finally, rounding out this morning's Queen of Pop news, someone named Fabrizio Masoni actually bought that old school Madonna nude picture for $37,500.

That's just insane, though frankly we expected more.

Anyway, click to enlarge more pictures of Jesus Luz in New York City - and one of Madonna with son David Banda, on their way to the Kabbalah center:

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they need saved. She is deceived and aleady deceived millions, yet she teaches some kind of FALSE GOD OF MORALITY AND PEACE? Oh please there is only one mediator between God and man. No one can see the kingdom of heaven unless he is born again.


Omg! I think she's hypmotising guys all over the world so she can get some publicity for kabbalah. First she tried Guy Ritchie, then made an attempt at A-Rod but he wasn't having any of it and now she's trying Jesus. I hate her!!! Can't she just let him decide if he wants to follow kabbalah or not!! I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that a strict Catholic would suddenly want to follow kabbalah just after meeting her. If he wants to then fair enough but it's pretty hard to believe.