Jessica Simpson: Still Talentless, But Upbeat

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Looking remarkably skinny but still unable to carry a tune, Jessica Simpson continued her country music tour in Salt Lake City, Utah, Thursday night.

Fortunately for the star, she's feeling upbeat.

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson Picture

"I'm so lucky to be here," the 28-year-old told fans, adding that prayer had helped her sustain her confidence after she faced criticism for apparently packing on the pounds... which may have just been an illusion caused by mom jeans.

She also gushed about her beau, Tony Romo.

"The thing that makes us lucky is being in love...I did find that unexpected kind of love," Simpson said, explaining that she developed a crush on Romo after her pimp Joe decided it would be a good fit for her watching him on ESPN.

No comment on whether Tony Romo railed some chick in her bed while she was on the road for one of these horrible concerts, as has been rumored.

The 45-minute set, at the EnergySolutions Arena, included hits "With You" and "Come on Over," which Jessica Simpson forgot the words to - again.

"I always do that right there," she said while laughing. "Sorry!"

What a hack. Simpson also spoke about a "complete butthead" ex - but declined to name names - before breaking into her song, "Remember That."

Our guess? John Mayer. We would have chosen the word douchebag, however.

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Jesica IS fat! you can say whatever you want she used to be beautiful and thin and you could see that she truly was in love "WITH NICK" but with tony romo it is not there...he is not in love with her...yeah she might love him since she has to announce it at EVERY single function she has a microphone at....but it is annoying because we can all see that tony is really not in love with her .if they ever do get married js will then have 2 divorces on her record because it is not going to last when only one person is in do NOT ever hear tony talking about being in love with js do you? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!ever!!!!!give it up js we are sick of hearing how wonderful your love tony is.....are you blind stupid or both? oh yeah thats right as tony said" you suck in bed and your stupid"!!!!!!!!!dumb js


shes still trying its been 10 years...jessica is a talentless hag...