Jennifer Love Hewitt: Through the Years:

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Jennifer Love Hewitt was Jessica Simpson long before Jessica Simpson was Jessica Simpson.

No, JLH didn't mix up fish and chicken; nor did she hand over control of her career to a domineering, occasionally perverse father.

Instead, The Ghost Whisperer star endured criticism of her ever-changing body, similar to the insults levied at Simpson over the past month.

Was it deserved? Not one bit. Hewitt is gorgeous no matter what shape or size she comes in.

Click on the following photos to get a glimpse of this actress over the years:


So now starlets are "gorgeous no matter what size and shape"? We're not allowed to find certain sizes and shapes more attractive than others? Because I found skinny JLH much, much more attractive than fat JLH. Sorry, but as much as you may want it to be true, the perception of gorgeousness is not blind.

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