Haunting Photo of Battered Rihanna is Leaked

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A photo of Rihanna showing bad facial bruises allegedly sustained in an assault by Chris Brown has been posted by celeb gossip site TMZ. It is rather disturbing.

The Los Angeles police department has launched an internal investigation over what it is calling an unauthorized release of the photo of Rihanna, clearly showing injuries she sustained from an alleged assault by Chris Brown two Sundays ago.

A Nice Rihanna Pic

"The photo has the appearance of one taken during an official investigation," says a police statement. "The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence."

The LAPD said that Thursday evening it "began receiving numerous inquiries about the release of a photograph associated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February 8, 2009, involving the entertainer Chris Brown."

There have been some bogus Rihanna pictures going around, but this one appears to be the real thing - a haunting close-up of the woman with her eyes closed and severe bruises and cuts covering her forehead, lips and cheeks.

We have elected not to post it on our homepage due to the upsetting nature of the photo, but you may follow the jump if you wish to view it:


Bianca thats really


why are people worried about the real story and rooting for Chris Brown? Facts show He HIT A WOMAN! I don't care how bad things get between a woman and man, you never raise your hand to a woman. That's what my father taught me. Real men do not hit. If you're that upset, you leave the situation and cool off. That's why young people need to learn about someone they're interested in before jumping into serious relationships. In the bible, Jacob waited seven years for Rachel. Now that's true love. Nowhere does it reads love is abusive. 1Corinthians 13 check it out


0mg i still cant belive wat happened!but n0 matter wat happens i still love both singers the same way. they are very talented and we should all just be supporting them instead of talking SMACK about chris or rihanna my love g0es 0ut 2 both of them n i really hope they can work 0ut their problems
(y00h guyz made a R3ALLY KUT3 C0UPL3!!!)
n i hope you dont press charges rihanna


its SOOO sad. I just dont get it . Tell ppl why Chris? Seriously tell us why. Im glad T M zzzzzzzzzzz leaked that picture of rihanna cuz it went viral overnight to tens of tens of thousands of videos and blogs like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... AND IM GLAD! You get whats coming sometimes Chris and you just might wehn they haul u off.


Chris is a bitch


Chris is a punk 4 hiting her


Chris Brown is my idol and i think that he did hit her because she is a syco bitch!
shes the one that needs help!!!!


bitch deserves it.


Filmmaker Mark Harris been exposed physical abuse in the entertainment industry in feature film I USED TO LOVE HER. It's interesting how everyone is now discussing physical abuse toward women in the hip hop community after the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident. BUT feature film "I USED TO LOVE HER" a film written, directed and produced by Mark Harris of 1555 Filmwork screened in festivals all around the world and dealt with this exact same issue as its subplot. Simee Smith is a famous female singer who attempts to leave her hip hop superstar boyfriend who's possessive and physically abusive. TRAILER IS BELOW
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Mark Harris was recently interviewed on ABC 7- link is below


I would have to say, there is no excuse for what Chris Brown did. He is stupid for putting his hand on here.. Rhianna keep your head up and let this crazy ass nigga go. believe me it will happen again and you dont deserve it girl!!!

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