Haunting Photo of Battered Rihanna is Leaked

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A photo of Rihanna showing bad facial bruises allegedly sustained in an assault by Chris Brown has been posted by celeb gossip site TMZ. It is rather disturbing.

The Los Angeles police department has launched an internal investigation over what it is calling an unauthorized release of the photo of Rihanna, clearly showing injuries she sustained from an alleged assault by Chris Brown two Sundays ago.

A Nice Rihanna Pic

"The photo has the appearance of one taken during an official investigation," says a police statement. "The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence."

The LAPD said that Thursday evening it "began receiving numerous inquiries about the release of a photograph associated with a domestic violence incident that occurred on February 8, 2009, involving the entertainer Chris Brown."

There have been some bogus Rihanna pictures going around, but this one appears to be the real thing - a haunting close-up of the woman with her eyes closed and severe bruises and cuts covering her forehead, lips and cheeks.

We have elected not to post it on our homepage due to the upsetting nature of the photo, but you may follow the jump if you wish to view it:


before i used to like chris bronw and now i just hate him
i like rhiana and i hope she gets better soon
get well soon rhianna


Why did tmz show that she look really bad how do you at
tmz feel if it was your sister are mother. Sometime tmz
think about people feeling. I think that was very wrong
to put that on the net.


thats not half as bad as ty made it out to be but its still to far you should never hit a woman chris brown has no exuse for what he done and he should be made to carry out comunity servce but not go to prison .


I feel chris brown overeacted cuz he cudn't control his anger and i feel if its true he hit her dat way den rihanna shud say GOOD RIDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!!!!!!!


OMG your all crazy taking up for CHRIS maybe someday you will get your ass beat. I


come on Melissa, are you saying that if you irritated your bf or someone and they pummeled you and beat you and made you look like that you'd be fine? And would you want people that heard about it to be like "Oh, that bitch deserved it." Huh? Whatever Rihanna did, it was far too mediocre to allow that to be considered okay.


she does she tempted him to do what he did!


IS dificule..I thing becosue in this photo isn't Rihanna..Rihanna is beautiful girl..In this photo she is veryy veryy ugly :S..I love rihanna and chris brown too but in this moment I regret that chris brown beat rihanna...So I am sad in this moment:S


no body deserves something like this you freaks.
i can't understand you Melissa...even if you hate her and you think she deserves it would you like that someone think that you also deserve some punishment.


I don't think TMZ should have published that, it's disturbing and an invasion of privacy. And as for bianca and melissa, how can you say she deserved it?!!!?!?! NO ONE deserves that. Seriously, you must be totally sick and disgusting people if you think she deserved it. What exactly did she do to deserve it?! You sick freaks!

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