Give It Up, Pamela Anderson!

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Dear Pamela Anderson,

You used to be very sexy. Heck, you were the sex tape queen long before anyone had ever heard of Paris Hilton. I found this out personally during spring break of my senior year in high school.

But that was a lot time ago. You'll be 42 years old in July and you've had more husbands than Lindsay Lohan has had STDs. We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but your days of being hot are over.

During last week's Richie Rich Fashion Show in New York, you made Rock of Love Bus girls look classy with your runway catwalk. Seriously, it's hard to even look at:

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So, thank you for the memories, Pamela. We'll always have Baywatch. And photos when you used to be hot and naked.

Go be a regular soccer mom. Please.


The Hollywood Gossip staff

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She looked awkward walking down the catwalk and it was annoying how she kept flipping her hair. I don't know,she's still beautiful but she acts a lot younger than she is and it's not appealing.She has no grace and just seems desperate to hang onto her youth. I find her sad and I thought the gold bathing suit was not flattering to her figure. She's very top heavy and has a short waist. She looks a lot better in a bikini. Her hair looked messy and dried out. I think she needs to start wearing classy and elegant things and tone down the trash act.


shut up she looks great! just because you're not 20 does"nt mean you lost it what about cindy crawford,christie brinkley,teri hatcher nicollette sheridan,stephanie seymore I could go on yea she's trashy but that's her appeal the only thing that's gross though is her hepatitis but I don't see anyone not sleeping with Tommy because of it or saying he's not sexy anymore why the double standard?