David Beckham: Topless and Tattooed!

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Hubba. Hubba.

Those are the only two words that come to mind, as we ogle the latest topless photos of David Beckham, courtesy of a new Emporio Armani Underwear campaign.

The soccer stud's tattoos, seen prominently below, translate from Chinese into: "Death and life have determined appointments, riches and honors depends upon heaven."

Well... d'uh!

Tattooed and Topless
Beckham for Armani

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J ai 28 an mon reve c est d etre grand acteur du cinema et de pub


Wow! Isn't that wild? That pig-nosed vickky doesnt deserve this..david..move on!


He is a REAL MAN.....BUT DAVID ADRIANNA ISN'T SUITABLE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!you need a more wild women{LIKE ME}


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