Dannielynn: The Exploitation Continues!

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Positing his daughter in front of her mother's grave, and inviting a cameraman along for the ride, isn't enough for Larry Birkhead.

The father of Anna Nicole Smith's two-year-old daughter, Dannielynn, sat down for an interview with E! earlier this week. In the clip below, Birkhead gushes about the tyke he's likely making money off of via exclusives such as this.

"When I see Dannielynn and she is just a spitting image of her mother, that's a little bit...I don't want to say eerie, but it is a little odd - and it is kind of comforting as well."

We don't want to be morbid, but is it really a good idea to parade an infant in front of the camera? Especially when that infant's mother fell into a life of drugs and alcohol, rumored to brought on by her exposure to fame and fortune at a young age?

Click on the following pics of Dannielynn, meanwhile, to see if you really can spot her resemblance to Anna Nicole:

Dannielynn Birkhead
Us Cover Girl

shes beautiful and hes proud of that. leave him alone. i enjoy seeing pics of them every once in a while. wouldnt it be nice to have a child and be able to spend everyday with them? only having to take a pic and getting enough money to pay the bills, never having to leave them? when we start seeing here all over magazines and the news then thats the time to start samming his parenting. just my opinion.


I think there are so many 'mean spirited' comments on here. I think Larry is doing an EXCELLENT job with Dannielynn.. I am happy each time I see a pic of them together. You go, Larry!! Team Birkhead!!


I don't think he is really doing anything wrong. People are interested in Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, even if she is not around any more. If they weren't we wouldn't even be talking about it right now. When Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit charged exorbitant fees for the pictures of their children no one really made a big deal out of it. No one claimed that they didn't love their child. And the pictures of their children are all over the place much more often than Daniellynn's pictures are. So he made a little money from the pictures Big Deal. That does not mean that he doesn't love his daughter. To the contrary, in all the pictures and magazine articles I've seen them in it really appears that he genuinely cares about his daughter.


I am so happy that I got to see Howard K.Stern come out and get to tell the world how he fells about Anna,He sure did love her and he has shown he has been thru a lot pain,I know he loved Dannielyn and Daniel,Anna did what ever she wanted,so people should not be so hard on the man,I think he was a nice guy.He was always there for her,Yes if Anna had lived things would not be like they are,Larry would not have got Dannielyn,Anna was running from him.Good Luck Howard


I can only imagine what Dannielynn is gonna end up thinking about her dad when she grows up and sees that her mother fought literally to her dying day to keep her the hell away from him and then sees that it was only because her mother died that he got her and he had her splayed out on countless magazine covers and photo spreads even before and including her SECOND birthday. Not her twenty-second, or her twelfth, her SECOND birthday.


As far as I'm concerned if Larry truly loved his daughter
he would get her the hell out of the spotlight. Like to his, oh I dont know, his home in the state of Kentucky and OUT of LA… And NOT do a REALITY SHOW with her! (God! Wtf?!) And say what you will about Stern, at least it looks like he actually misses Anna. Larry Birkhead looks like he has been enjoying every single last moment of his new found fame. And considering it took the death of both his daughter's brother and mother-the woman he supposedly loved so much for him to get his daughter, their is something seriously fundamentally F’ed up with that.


I disagree with all of you. Larry loves daniellynn and you can obviously see that! All that matters is that she has a father and I say he should be her father not anyone elses!


Anna was unfit to be a parent and that led to the death of her son partially, atleast. We dont knwo who the father is, of him. As for this child, I wonder if Larry should be tried in court for child abuse or attempts? Clearly it shows. He doesnt seem to love her so much as he says.


SSo funny that people can't see the difference between Anna and Larry. Anna wasn't famous because she had a baby, she was famous because of Playboy, and her reality show and her fight in court to get her late husband's money, her weight loss and gain and loss, etc. People didn't interview Anna because of DL, they interviewed Anna because of ANNA. They are interested in Larry because of ANNA and Dannielynn. They are interested in Dannielynn because of ANNA. If Anna was alive it wouldn't be the same AT ALL. DL was always a footnote in Anna interviews. They showed her for a couple of seconds and then they talked about Anna some more. With Larry, it's all about the baby and Anna - it has nothing to do with Larry or anything he's done. His only accomplishment was impregnating a "famous" woman.


Yea: that Anna Nicole Smith would have raised her similarly is not exactly a ringing endorsement, is it? I agree with stoptheexploitation--Larry has taken every available opportunity to sell his daughter's every experience to the highest bidder. It's vile.

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Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

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