Chris Brown Issues Statement on Facebook

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Disgraced R&B singer Chris Brown has made his first statement following the alleged beating he doled out to superstar girlfriend Rihanna - he posted an update on his private Facebook page, according to the N.Y. Post, which reads as follows:

"You'll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!"

Brown's comment appears to suggest Rihanna is partly to blame for the alleged attack - which she says was not the first in their relationship and ended in his arrest Sunday on charges of battery and making criminal threats.

As if it weren't obvious after inflicting horrific injuries upon her (or so the police report says), the troubled Brown appears to have confirmed his split from the Barbados-bred beauty by changing his relationship status to "single."

As for what triggered the attack, rumors are swirling that Brown had been cheating on Rihanna and that a "booty call text message" sparked a heated argument as the couple drove back to their L.A. hotel prior to the Grammy Awards.

Chris Brown, Rihanna Pic

The text message reportedly angered Rihanna, who lashed out about it, only to have Brown attack her. She then faked a call to the cops and threw the keys to his rented Lamborghini out the window, further enraging him and leading to more violence.

The melee ended with Chris Brown fleeing the scene on foot, leaving Rihanna beaten and unconscious and in need of hospital treatment.

Brown, who posted $50,000 bail and had been holed up at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas before leaving yesterday for an undisclosed location, awaits word on whether the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office will be pressing charges.

So far, L.A. police have booked him on suspicion of making criminal threats, although that may not stick. A felony battery charge is a lock, however. Meanwhile, there is no word on Rihanna's whereabouts since the incident.

We'll bring you more on this story as it continues to develop. For now, follow the jump for more pics of Chris Brown and Rihanna in happier times ...

Chris Brown, Rihanna Photograph
Chris Brown, Rihanna Photo
Rihanna and Abusive Boyfriend
Future Mr. & Mrs. Chris Brown
A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture

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cris eu só a sua fã número um eu te adoro muito
eu queria te conhecer pessoalmente pena q eu sou brasileira e vc fala ingles então fika dificil de eu te ver q peninha né mais mesmo assim te desejo tudo de bom e bj pra rihanna vcs dois fais um par muito lindo vcs dois se merecem vcs são lindos de sua fã gabi beijokas viu


Chris te amo pakaas sou sua fã numero 1 todas suas musicas eu amo muito bejos te amo muito by:Lais


When people try to justify Chris's beating of Rihanna it just shows how dysfuntional they are! It's a shame that in these modern times, some people still have a very warped view of how men are allowed to treat woman. The reasons for Chris and Rihanna's arguement are totally irrelevant since violence is never a solution to any problem. If he felt his relationship with her wasn't working, he should have simply ended their romance. Obviouly he's developed an abusive nature..... most likely from watching his abusive stepfather beat his mother as a child. Rihanna on the other hand also seems to have some type of emotional issues which kept her in this abusive relationship (since she mentioned this wasn't the first time he had beat her). Anyway, such a sad story. I pity both of them. Nevertheless, I hope they seriously seek professional help so in the future they will both enter more healthy relationships (free of domestic violence).


Well i love chris brown and rihanna couples, but it's unfortunate of me hard what is going on between the two couples. Sometimes love bring pain, but i think the best thing for chris brown to do is to apologize for he's mistake and get back to her if he really love her.


alyssa shepler needs to go to hell cause she didnt diserve it ya bitch


Rihanna needs to stay away from him. Obviously, he prefers multiple affairs, plus he's violent. They have not even been seeing each other that long. How dare him think that he can strike out on someone, anyone like that. There was no way to defend herself. He's much, much bigger. I'll never buy his records. He's done. She's stupid if she goes back to his immature ass. He's younger than her anyway. She needs to date someone more mature. That's her fault for hanging around youngins.


so rihanna's concert had been postponed bcoz of this.. aiyarkkk!!!!!


he is not right bout heating her wot so ever mebie she made him mad or did somethin that would apset him still a big fan .......


rihanna did not deserve that. chris brown needs to get some moral other wise he doesnt deserve to ever work in this town again.

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