Carrie Underwood is Pro-House, Anti-Katrina Darrell

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Carrie Underwood isn't known for being outspoken (just for being gorgeous and talented!).

But the former American Idol champion can't hold her tongue when it comes to a certain television show and a former Idol contestant.

First up: the show.

"I love House," Underwood said to E!. "You know, I'm not an actress, but I think I would like to do something for the fun of it. I usually find when people try to cross over from music to acting or acting to music that one of those two are not very good."

Awesome Underwood

Dr. House and Carrie Underwood: What a potential tandem!

While we imagine Underwood as a scantily-clad patient-of-the-week on House, the singer also chimed in on Katrina "Bikini Girl" Darrell. What did Carrie think of her unorthodox way of auditioning for the new season of the series?

"I don't see why anybody would need to do that," Underwood said of Darrell's swimwear. "If you need to do that, then you're definitely not in the right business. If you're good, you could wear a potato sack and people would be OK with you."

Amen, sister!

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Carrie is one of my top favorites and would say she's pretty right... BUT, why did she need to say anything? As for how good Katrina is, she's good enough to go through, good enough to cut a record, and good enough to sell millions of copies, UNDER THE RIGHT CONDITIONS. She can sing. But It's fine she went home because she was too selfish. I think Carrie's vocal talent is pretty far above Katrina's.. but, not every one has to be Kelly Clarkson Or Carrie Underwood to sell. And it's not to say Katrina is bottom of the barrel, or would only get by on looks. She has a decent voice. On the right songs, she could do it and people would like it. IF, she would get rid of the selfish image and stop strutting around like that. IT's too bad she blew it for her self.