Brooklyn Decker Nude, Body-Painted in Sports Illustrated

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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is pretty great.

The sports magazine brings us this photo spread of Brooklyn Decker nude - wearing only body paint of course. It's a strange and glorious tradition.

One wonders how they can get away with this, but we have learned not to question these finer things in life, lest someone wrest them away from us.

Suffice it to say, Andy Roddick is one lucky man.

But considering that you can sit there and enjoy this fine gallery of Brooklyn Decker pictures when you should be working, you have it pretty good as well.

Follow the jump to see B-Deck in her naked, body-painted glory ...

Brooklyn Decker in Sports Illustrated

Amazingly, that world map on Brooklyn Decker's body is just paint.

Kind of crazy now they can do that, and maybe we'd prefer she not even be wearing that, but hey, you can't look a gift naked body-painted model in the mouth.

Click to enlarge many more Brooklyn pics from SI ...

Brooklyn Decker: SI Swimsuit Issue
Brooklyn Decker: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
Naked Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker Naked Pic
Nude Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker Nude Pic
Brooklyn Decker in SI
B. Decker

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They blurred it on the video, but airbrushed a different compass into each of the photos. You can definitely tell in some where the perspective is off. Something was painted in the original map. Possibly something offensive or protected by copyright?


It wasn't just her hip, they censored the compass on her butt as well. I'm extremely curious why they couldn't show those images!


Am I the only one who noticed the blur in every image of the map on her left hip in the Brooklyn Decker 2009 SI Body Paint video? And it looks like the same part of the photos on her left hip have been retouched. What's being hidden?


Does Brooklyn Decker know that someone is using her images on Human Pets?


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