Ashley Judd: Down with Sarah Palin!!!

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It is time to stop Sarah Palin. - Ashley Judd

No, Ashley Judd isn't a few months late, or a few years early, in the battle against Sarah Palin securing an office in the White House.

Instead, the actress is narrating a video that calls out the former Vice Presidential nominee for promoting the shooting of wolves.

The video below was filmed on behalf of Washington-based Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. It blasts Palin for supporting an expanded program for the aerial shooting of wolves. Moreover, Judd claims that Palin has offered a $150 bounty for the foreleg of each dead wolf collected.

Palin's response? Follow this article's jump and read all about it!

On the state of Alaska Web site, the totally normal, everyday Jane Sixpack referred to the organization as "reprehensible and hypocritical" for trying "to deceive Americans into parting with their hard-earned money."

Bristol's mom and Levi Johnston's eventual mother-in-law continued:

"The ad campaign by this extreme fringe group, as Alaskans have witnessed over the last several years, distorts the facts about Alaska’s wildlife management programs. Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can’t be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations....

Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times."

Choose a side in this unexpected, albeit hilarious, feud:

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The question is, what were the populations of the moose and wolf before man interfered. Nature has and will take care of itself if we leave it alone. If a certain species is selected for extinction by nature, oh well. That is just the way it is. Now there are people involved and history teaches us that when men get involved in the cycle of nature, disaster follows. There are two sides to every coin. I am not a fan of Sarah Palin. I do not think she would be a good leader. I think she is too combative. I think her best calling is to be a late night television host. Have a controversial show. Ashley, you are a good actor. You just need to get that homerun role that would take you over the top. I have followed your career since "Normal Life" and have been thoroughly entertained by your professionalism. Do what you do best.


First we need the wolfs they hunt the sick and weak on the larger pray like the Moose and Deer the smaller pray like mice and things they keep down it is to keep a balance of wildlife to hunt the wolf in winter from the air is not right it is a cowards way to hunt to keep the packs from over growing is ok it is one way to keep the balance and the pack from starving latter on just like the wolf keeps the sick and weak down to keep the hurds strong so befor every one gets in a uproar sit back and look I do think thr hunts should be aloud but not from the air and not in the winter let the wolf have a chance as well the hunter hunts the moose and deer in a season and have a lemit as well to keep the hurds down so keep it fair for the wolf


LibsRLosers your probaly a fat ugly possibly old redneck get a damn life I'm a housewife who does'nt need to work because my husband makes so much money I spend my vegetarian days in californis working out and shopping what's your excuse for being on the computer all day commenting on my comments? btw you made no damn sense "yea, you want bring it bitch" wtf? you are a loser I'll bring it! bring it with a human not a defenseless animal anyone can stab or shoot something let's see you fight with your bare hands stop hiding behind stuipid names LIBSRLOSERS real imaginitive fatty! get off your ass go work out!


kelley Says:
February 5th, 2009 7:01 PM "You people who think that killing innocent animals is fine should be shot yourself!" Yeah, you want BRING IT? BITCH?


Well, when you are a radical organization, you can always find a gullible celebrity to represent your cause. For those who actually support this stunt, take a look in your refrigerator. If there is any meat in there, then take a day trip to a feed lot and slaughter house and this will pretty well look tame. Unless you are a devout veg (no eggs, milk, etc) then your negative comments are just hypocritical. God didn't deliver that steak prewrapped to the supermarket. It stood in crowded and filthy feedlots, occasionally walking on the deceased bodies of the weaker.
The wolves in the aerial cull have been running wild, a far more dignified existence than that slice of pork on your plate.


You people who think that killing innocent animals is fine should be shot yourself! would you go around killing peoples dogs? that's what a wolf is a wild dog believing in abortion is not the same as caring for animals you ignorant pieces of crap most people can't afford to feed themselves let alone a kid these days what about rape,teenagers,women in abusive homes you should'nt bring kids in a horrible situation because birth control failed you and most people are crap I would'nt give a puppy up to a stranger for adoption let alone a kid and ashley judd stands for all kinds of causes aids,and animals she does'nt need this for publicity evil people who belive in torture of animals sometimes get the justice they deserve sarah palin enjoy your fat slut daughter and taking care of your down syndrome baby!


You people in hollwood live such superficial lives that you cannot see past your own noses. Let me ask you this, as most of you are liberal hypacritcal bottomfeeders,why is it that you scream for every left wing agenda such as, Stop logging, Stop coal fired energy, Ban guns,yet in your movies you do the exact opposite of all that you preach. I am willing to bet that,of the enviros in your world,you still flip the switch to find the toilet and still wipe your ass with toilet paper! Pratice what you preach and untill that day. Go to hell!!!! You Ashley Judd are a pinheaded liberal hypacrit.


Ah, Baldwin-Clooney-Penn Ego Syndrome rears its ugly head again as noted wildlife "expert" Ashley Juggs preaches forth (no hit flicks lately, eh Ash?). Ms. Juggs should stick to what she knows best -- pyromania and her "acting," which often seems to consist of doffing her duds to display her comely assets for bloated paychecks -- and leave the wildlife management to qualified professional biologists and scientists who have no publicity self-interest. [Allegedly being nominated a Phi Beta while majoring in .... French @ UKentucky (snicker) doesn't quite cut it, Ash.]


So, Ashley, if you are so against killing wolves, why aren't you as concerned about killing babies. You are a perfect example of irrelevant celebutards, self-serving, hormonal, shrill victim-peddling, whining losers. I love how Hollywood dullwits, the most useless, dysfunctional industry on earth, seems to think that they understand anything..


Grow more moose for people of Alaska to eat, instead of bad beef from Outside. To grow more moose need to stop predators from killing and eating moose calfs. Kill the predators to grow more moose.