Are Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick Really Together?

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The Internets are buzzing over The Bachelor spoilers from a blogger who seems to be at least somewhat in the know, and who adamantly claims the ABC reality hit's producers rigged this entire season - right from the beginning.

In this Bachelor spoiler bombshell is to be believed, single dad Jason Mesnick picks Melissa Rycroft on the March 2 finale, but after the proposal to the former NFL cheerleader, he secretly continues to date runner-up Molly Malaney.

The "shocking" details will supposedly be revealed at the "After the Final Rose" special airing immediately after the season finale, with a second "After The Final Rose, Part 2" special now on tap to air the next night, March 3.

An ABC rep would not confirm these rumors, except to say that the finale has been taped, and that both "After The Rose" specials are still in production.

But The Bachelor host Chris Harrison said at the end of last Monday's episode that the developments were so shocking, producers kept the cameras rolling.

So does Molly Malaney really end up with Jason Mesnick, or is this prescient blogger just making stuff up to get hits on his site (it's working if so)?

For whatever it's worth, a writer from her hometown Grand Rapids Press says The Bachelor conspiracy theory posited by "Reality Steve" makes sense in part.

"I think this might actually have something to it, because this theory, that Jason chooses Melissa, only to change his mind and later choose Molly, actually lines up with what my sources have been saying," opines Lorilee Craker.

"Three sources who know [Molly Malaney] and have stayed in touch with her since the show started have said she probably doesn't win, from what they can gather, but that she has told them all the experience was 'life changing.'"

"I also think the fact that there is a second 'After the Rose' special is odd, and also seems to give a more weight to this theory. I've also heard that Molly has been making trips to L.A. 'for work,' which would corroborate this as well."

Yet there's one part of The Bachelor conspiracy theory she isn't buying.

"What I don't think is true, though, is that [Jason Mesnick] would pick Melissa or anyone because the show told him to. He may be a kissing fool, but he's not an ice cold lying dog. At least, he doesn't seem like one to me."

Therein lies perhaps the most intriguing element of this.

If this Bachelor spoiler turned out to be true, the biggest twist - and most controversial facet - would be that it was all planned by the ABC powers that be.

Possibly from a very early stage, even.

That means both ABC and Jason Mesnick agreed to make Melissa Rycroft suffer a huge amount of shock, heartbreak and embarrassment in front of America.

Hey, it makes for great TV, and you can only feel so sorry for anyone who voluntarily appears on a show like The Bachelor. At the same time, pulling a stunt like that for ratings would certainly dent Jason's good-guy image, wouldn't it?

What would Ty say?!

Hottest Bachelor Ever

If he really did participate in an elaborate ratings ruse at the expense of Melissa Rycroft, Mr. Nice Guy Jason Mesnick may lose at least part of his huge fan base.


i thought molly was the right choice all along---melissa seemed to flirty and cliche. when molly showed matt the little book she made him, i thought to my self: "if I was Jason, that would have confirmed my true love for Molly". shes classy and is right for Jason. as far as the controversy over Mellisa's situation, she knew what she was getting into from the start. Plus, shes going on Dancing with the Stars....


To Cynthia Pendery, you GO girl, everything you said was spot on, and kinda funny too, you've made my day, thank you :-)


I agree with both Linda and Jen. Wake up people and don't be so judgemental. It's not your lives to live. I truly hope that this couple is finally for REAL. Not like all of the others who "by the way" never lasted either. If he had stayed with Melissa he would have been cheating all of us by faking it.


I busted up when I read these!


I want to Thank ABC & Jason, you've finally convinced my wife what I've been telling her for years. Thanks again
Jason you make us old married guys look Great.


His name should be "Messy-Dick" for how he throws it around all over the place. Yuck! His ex-wife should be filing for full custody as he treats little Ty like an unwitting rag-doll prop in Jason's amoral existence.


What about "TY"..??? You bring this woman to every holiday event with your son and now decide you lost the "chemistry". YOU cry to much, expect to much and you dont walk your talk. It appears you are "confused" not "ready". AND HEY? JASON??? You're in your 30's? You have a 4 Year OLD? Maybe you should grow up first, You're not that "HOT". But now you are weak and indecisive, wishy washy, the typical spoiled lil Yuppie without a pretty guppie....GAWD! BE GONE!


He is male. He wanted his cake and eat it too. He gets to sleep with both girls. Typical


I think the whole bachelor thing was staged. Shame on ABC, The Bachelor production crew and Jason for being so unfeeling. The third hour last night was in very poor taste. Some things should just be private. I've lost respect for all of you. So long to bachelor watching for me.


I am so shocked at this seasons the bachelor. I lost SOOO much respect for Jason. He is obviously emotionally unstable. He LOVES everyone and when one relationship no longer is a fairy tale he dumps Melissa and moves on to the next girl. If it doesn't work out with Molly maybe he could call up Jillian. WHAT A LOSER and the worst part is he has a 4 year old son watching all of this. POOr Melissa all I can say is she is better off he is not stable.

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