Another Miley Cyrus Photo Flap: Possible Asian Mockery

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From now on, when someone says "Cheeeese," a voice in Miley Cyrus' head should say, "RUN!"

No, the teen icon has not stripped down for any new half-naked photos.

But she has gotten herself mixed up in another picture controversy, this time by striking a pose that some may interpret as being disrespectful of another culture.

In the shot below, Miley is sitting on the lap of boyfriend Justin Gaston. Along with others, she's pulling her eyelids apart, perhaps in a mocking gesture directed at the facial structure of Asians.

Would the photo above be a big deal if Miley Cyrus were a typical 16-year old? Of course not.

Like Michael Phelps and his bong use, however, celebrities - especially those that peddle their image for fortune and fame - are held to a higher standard.

With that in mind, chime in below: Is Miley acting inappropriately in this picture?


Has anyone else noticed the Asian guy is noticeably opening his eyes wider than usual and all the others are squinting. This is simply kids having fun. If the Asian guy were offended in any way, he wouldn't be playing along with it! I think people need to just drop this whole thing--it's ridiculous! That's the media for ya!


first off, I agree with queenie. Second, what a bitch! Does she have any idea how rude that is? What if another movie star posted pictures making fun of hillbillies? Her career shoul have been over before it even began.


Looks like the Asian guy didn't get the memo... But it is a little racist because everyone there is mature enough to know that you really only do that when you're imitating Asian eyes - it's not your average goofy face. People wouldn't be defending her so much if she were making fun of African-Americans, for instance. So it's not a big deal, but it's definitely not appropriate.


You know this picture should never have made it to the web. There is a constitutional right to privacy this does include stars. You people that thinks it is are right for star personal pictures to be place on the web are dead wrong. I am not going to make a comment on the picture because only Miley and her friends should have seen it.


They all look drunk...especially that gross guy of Justin. I can`t believe that there is proof they are going out, and that guy is still out there! She`s sitting on his lap, what else is there to say? Anyway, I`ve always hated Miley Cyrus. She is so annoying.


our economy has turned to garbage and we find it important to debate whether a 16 yr old girl was making a racist face when she was wasted..maybe they were making fun of their token asian friend and just playing around with him..he doesn't look offended and he is asian so obviously they werent trying to offend anyone.


cyrus is a racist. it's plain and simple. and the people who defend her are passive racists. those are people who will say to your face that they aren't racist. but, when push comes to shove, they would probably choose one ethnic group over another.


people need to lighten up. there is nothing racist about this pic. i am glad that people in my country don't over react for silly things like this, we understand that there is more to worry about than this.


k i think hollywood is retarded because theirs an ASIAN GUY IN THE PICTURE! Hello what person hasnt taken a picture like this notice how shes the only one using her hands everyone else is squinting Maybe she had some complications and had to use her hands lol, whatever grow up get over shes a normal person like everyone else and people need to get their heads around the real world not hollywood!


miley cyrus is jokes, who cares if she smokes or drinks, who dosen't!


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